Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Author

Hi! Thank you for checking out my site, I hope you find something you like, even if it's just to drool over the Jason Momoa paintings!

I am an author and digital artist, and this site will cover both of my passions.

My books are all in the fantasy genre - in one form or another. I like Fantasy, urban fantasy, fantasy romance, paranormal and now young adult and teen fantasy.

Dragon Moon
coming mid October!

My first novel, Demon Within is still her number one seller, and is part of the Fallen Angels Series. Check out my blog on this site for featured authors, book cover reveals and new releases.

The covers shown above, and also on my book cover page, are all created by me. I don't just make urban fantasy paranormal romance covers. The fantasy paranormal series, Fallen Angels covers, are all digital paintings, but the majority of the others are manipulations.

Link to my Fan fiction. I have to caution that all my stories are adult content, and there are some m/m stories

Link to my erotica Literally Sensual

As a natural daydreamer, labeled as a fantasy author seems natural. I love writing, I love creating art, and I love sharing.

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Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Author Julie Nicholls
Julie Nicholls urban fantasy & paranormal fantasy author