I wanted to share a free story that I wrote some time ago. As you’ve probably already gathered from my Fallen Angels Series, I have a thing for Angels! Make sure you check out Demon Within… first book in the Fallen Angels Series, all the details are on this blog… its in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Bethany tried to make sense of what stood before her, in fact, it didn’t make sense. Trying to focus her eyes over the magnificence was proving difficult. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words would form.

‘I realize this is difficult for you to understand Bethany, but I am real, touch me.’

The vision standing in front of Bethany edged closer, his bare chest mere inches away from her face.

Gabriel smiled softly and taking Bethany’s hands placed them on his chest.

‘Oh my! You are real. This isn’t me tripping or hallucinating!’

Bethany’s fingertips gently touched the tawny flesh. Her eyes fixed on the bronzed skin as she traced her hands across the expanse of Gabriel’s torso. Velvety soft and warm, his skin was like nothing she’d ever touched.

Letting out an almost inaudible sigh, he quivered beneath the soft caress of her fingers. The tough of a human was as he dreamed.

Breaking the seraph laws, he’d allowed himself to fall for his charge, and knew the watchers would almost certainly report to the higher powers of his crime. However, Gabriel had become obsessed with Bethany. He was supposed to watch her, guide her, nudge her to take the best course in life…but he fell to the temptation of her beauty and innocence.

Bethany, still in shock, dragged her eyes away from perfect naked flesh and gazed up to beautiful blue eyes. His face framed by shaggy dark hair was perfect, and then he smiled, and she melted.

‘You see, I am real.’

‘Yes, you most definitely are. But I don’t understand how.’

Her stare reached beyond his face, to the large expanse of feathers that made up his wings-utterly beautiful. He flexed them, extending them fully, and beamed as Bethany’s pupils dilated in awe.

She raised her hand, ‘Can I touch them?’ Bringing her gaze back to meet his her fingers hesitated before moving forward.

‘Of course.’ Gabriel gave a slight bow, as if grateful of her attention.

A smile stretched wide and Bethany’s cheeks reddened. He’d removed his shirt to show her that he was not like other men.

Their friendship had grown in the past few months they had known each other. Gabriel tried to keep his distance, but it was impossible. The only way he could continue, was to show her what he was.

The task he had been set, didn’t allow for intimate contact of any kind. He could engage in conversation, befriend his charge, but there wasn’t supposed to be any physical relationship between them. It was unfair, cruel to both parties, and out dated as far as Gabriel was concerned.

They’d returned to Bethany’s apartment after having dinner at their favorite restaurant. Dined on fresh salmon, pasta and vegetables then topped it off with Bethany’s favorite desert, butterscotch cheesecake.

Bethany already thought Gabriel was an angel, but she didn’t actually expect he’d have wings. He was a perfect gentleman. Drove her to work if her car broke down, picked her up after she’d spend the evening with girlfriends and didn’t want to drive, he was the perfect friend. Her desire for him grew with each passing day. Although afraid to make any advances towards him, as he always kept a physical distance. Never touching or coming onto her, she just assumed he wasn’t interested in her that way. When they arranged the night out at the restaurant, he’ told her he had a confession to make, and that he would explain why he wasn’t the usual, run of the mill, guy.

Sliding her fingers across the broad, naked shoulders, she moved to the side as her hands travelled down his arm. He was unbelievably soft to touch, yet firm. Silky skin draped over hard muscle. Not an ounce of fat or excess and as far as she knew, he didn’t even work out. He was perfect.

Gabriel watched her as she edged her way behind him. Ducking beneath the soft feathers Bethany gasped when her hands touched their coolness.

‘I know these are real because I can touch them. But it’s impossible…isn’t it?’

She buried her face into the soft, downy feathers between his shoulder blades. Wandering her hands under his wings at the base, and feeling the warm, soft skin of his back, she let out a sigh.

Gabriel sucked in air as if her touch burned his skin, but it was a different kind of heat that travelled straight to his cock.

Her fingertips traced along the skin were his wings began. She could feel his body tense as she touched him tenderly in this place, and thought it must be extra sensitive.

He closed his eyes, strain evident as his face creased. The heat from her body as she pressed against him sent a jolt straight to his groin.

‘Does this feel good?’

He could barely answer and only managed to mutter her name as she smoothed her hand along the tendons of his wings before pushing her fingers between the roots of the largest feathers.

‘Bethany…’ His raspy voice was barely audible.

Her fascination grew, and daring to be bold, she blew softly down the center where his wings appeared from back.

Fisting his hands, Gabriel fought for control when warm breath nuzzled in between his shoulder blades.

It seemed angels’ wings were very sensitive; Gabriel’s pleas and whimpers as she continued to play with them.


Before he could say anything more, Bethany had wrapped her arms around him. One hand felt its way across his stomach, while the other teetered on the waistband of his jeans.

Bethany drowned in the softness and as a cat brushes against a leg for attention, she nuzzled her face against his wings, much to the delight of Gabriel. To feel him was amazing, it was indescribable, and like nothing she had ever touched.

Gabriel let his head fall back and his dark hair fell gently across his shoulders as he blew out a deep sigh.

He gave up resisting and covered Bethany’s hands with his own; ushering them down his body.

Bethany let out a short gasp when he moved them across his hardness. Beneath the restraints of tight denim, she could feel his need. Palming his bulge with one hand, while the other began unfastening the button on the waistband, her breathing hastened.

Gabriel raised both hands to his head and rang his fingers through his hair. Groaning softy as Bethany exposed his length, his body trembled in anticipation. With her body pressed firmly against his wings, Bethany felt hot; from either the heat of him, or the desire building in her own body, she didn’t know… she didn’t care.

A soft hand cupped the heavy sac between his legs, while the other wrapped around the thick length.

Gabriel groaned, ‘Beth, are you sure you want to do this?’

The muffled reply was almost inaudible, but she managed to pull her face away from the softness at the base of his wings.

‘If you want me to stop, I will…but I think you like my touch…yes?’

‘Yes… Oh yes!’

Gabriel didn’t finish his sentence as the intense pleasure caused his brain to momentarily freeze. Bethany was stroking him firmly, from root to tip, her hand gliding freely from the slickness that oozed from his crown. He couldn’t concentrate and it was all he could do to stand, as his legs began to tremble. In his dreams he imagined making love with a human and having delicate hands caress and touch his body, but the experience was so much more.

She ran the soft pad of her thumb across the wet tip, causing aloud moan to escape Gabriel’s sweet lips.

Bethany could feel him grow harder with each stroke. Soft groans spilled from his mouth as she worked him. He’d placed his hands over hers, touching her as she played and teased him. Gabriel wanted this moment to last forever, but the pleasure building was ready to explode. His hips ground against the grasp of her hands and urged them to work faster.

‘Ugh… this is…’

Bethany responded to the sounds of Gabriel’s quickening breaths. His body twitched and bucked against her touch. Stroking faster and gripping tighter, she brought his release.

Gabriel cried out, his body jerked and jutted as the results of his pent up passion and love finally released.

She palmed his length in time with the trusts of his hips. His cock pulsed in her hand and she held him to her, cradling him with her body, surrounding him as she milked his release.

When he finally peaked and fell back to earth, he turned and pulled Bethany to him. The sweat covering his skin was hot; he still trembled from the aftershock of what he had experienced. Tucking her head underneath his chin, he stroked her hair lovingly as he sought to catch his breath. Bethany clung tightly to her beautiful angel, while he stilled and regained composure.

‘Was that the first time you’ve ever done that?’

‘It is forbidden to have sexual contact with a human, and so to answer your question, yes.’

Bethany pulled her body away from Gabriel’s; she wanted to see his face. Reluctant to let her see, he turned his face to the side, trying to hide.

‘You’re crying?’

Gabriel turned to face her, the soft skin of his cheeks, stained with angel tears, caused her to frown.

‘Forgive me Beth, I have failed you.’

‘What? Why do you say that? What do you mean?’

‘I am supposed to guide you, and ensure you follow the path to your destiny, but by involving myself personally with you, I have altered your fate. It has always been unclear to me, while I was sent to guide you; I never could see where your destiny was meant to lead, it was as if it was hidden from me.’

Bethany stared and her heart sank as she watched the sorrow and sadness covered Gabriel’s face. He was so beautiful and was always happy, to see him now, crying, broke her heart.

‘Maybe this was my fate, to be with you? You couldn’t see the path directly because you were involved in it. Couldn’t that be the answer?’

Gabriel’s eyes pooled once more, sending clear tears cascading down his face.

‘I have fallen, and I have to wait my punishment. I am sorry Beth; I did not want this to happen. I could not stop falling in love with you, and now both of us will pay the price.’

As soon as the words reached Bethany’s ears, he fell to the floor, crying in pain. She stumbled back and watched as he wrapped his arms around himself and screamed. It happened suddenly, and Bethany wanted to hold him, but his beautiful wings were ablaze before she could move. The flames engulfed every inch of the once, white feathers, turning them black, until but charred stubs remained.

He cried out and fell forward, exposing his bare back, now scarred where his wings once grew.

Bethany screamed. ‘No! No please don’t do this…this is my fault…please stop!’ She fell to the floor and reached a hand to her lovers head, the other to his shoulder.


She waited for a reply. Looking at the scars across his beautiful tawny skin, she began to sob. What have I done?

After a few moments, Gabriel finally moved. As he raised his head, the tearstains were gone. He was smiling, and quickly took hold of Bethany.

‘I am fine, my love. I am free.’

‘What?’ Bethany raised her head to meet his. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I have been released from my task; it appears this was both my fate and yours… I am mortal.’

‘Oh No! Is that what you want? I mean, aren’t you angry with me?’

Gabriel cupped Bethany’s face in his hands; gently he wiped away the tears with his thumbs then leaned close to kiss her.

‘It is what I have always wanted. From the first day I became your guide, I wanted you and I wanted to be mortal. I had no idea that this is the reason I could not see your full path. It appears I have served by master well, and now I have been rewarded.’

A smile beamed across Bethany’s face, she flung her arms around her lover’s neck and yelped. ‘

‘I love you, from the first day we met, I loved you, but I didn’t think you wanted anything but friendship.’

‘It was the way it had to be, but love finds a way, and we can share our lives as one from this day, if you will have me?’

Pulling herself away Bethany stared into her angels eyes. She had never met a man so perfect. Letting out a huge sigh, she could only answer.

‘Why wouldn’t I want you? You are my angel.’

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