New Erotica Release from Jordan Buchanan

I’m handing my blog over to Jordan Buchanan today so she can tell you about her latest release!!!

On-the-Job Training: Permanent Position by Jordan Buchanan

Release date: August 7


In the exciting conclusion of the On-the-Job Training serial, John Mackenzie and Laura Benson face the most daunting, and dangerous, obstacles in their relationship. Wanting nothing more than to enjoy their romance and their exploration off dominance and submission, they’re confronted instead with real life issues that keep getting in the way.

Suspecting Jacqueline Deane, the widow of John’s business partner, of embezzling from the company, John and Laura are stunned to learn her true identity and set a trap to catch her in the act. When Laura and Mistress Aleksandra go on an undercover road trip to learn more, thy discover Jacqueline is likely guilty of far more heinous crimes than mere theft.

As if dealing with that isn’t enough, there’s a playground to build, a bedroom to remodel, and a business to run. It’s a wonder they ever have time to play with their new bondage gear…but they find a way. Miss Evvie comes to the rescue once again with interesting items for John’s toy bag and who doesn’t love new toys?

Together, they face every challenge and Laura finally begins to feel comfortable in John’s home….until she finds some very personal mementos from his marriage to Lainey. She must find a way to banish her insecurities once and for all. And even if she can, Jacqueline has no intention of letting them have their happily-ever-after.



To say he was delighted with my purchases would be the understatement of the century. As he ran the Wartenberg wheel over his own forearm, his eyes took on the wicked gleam I’ve come to recognize and crave seeing.

With two purposeful strides, he was at the office door, locking it and shuttering the blinds closed. He leaned against it and gazed at me, with what I thought of as his “Dom face” sliding into place. “Stand and strip, baby.”

There’s something so much more hedonistic about playing in the office than at home—something naughtier and nastier that sets my heart to pounding. My fingers flew through undoing buttons and hooks and zippers until I stood naked at my desk, my clothes tossed on top of it.

Wearing a lascivious grin, he commented, “Leaving your toy to keep you company while I was gone seems to have worked out well. Your high beams are on, baby.” He didn’t make a move toward me but continued to talk in a low, husky voice. “You look good enough to eat, so I think I will. After I get you properly prepared that is.”

“Yes, Sir.” I awaited his orders; thoughts of anything other than this moment, this encounter, fled my mind.

“Go to my office and clear my desk. I think we’ll need all of it. I’ll be right there.”office3

It wasn’t a difficult task to accomplish; John didn’t load his desk up with a ton of stuff the way I did and there was room for most of it on his credenza. The buzzing inside me increased to its highest setting as I was putting his stapler and desk clock into a drawer and I damn near dropped them. Not only was the toy vibrating, the tip of it was rotating. I closed my eyes as waves of pleasure inundated me. All I needed to come was friction on my clit, and that was one thing this vibrator didn’t do.

Water ran in the kitchen sink and then the refrigerator door opened and closed before John walked into the room. He had our new gear and a couple bottles of water in his arms. “Sorry to keep you waiting, baby. I wanted to wash my hands and grab us something to drink. Looking at you made my mouth go dry.” He winked at me as his brazen grin broadened.

After placing the cuffs and the spreader bar on the sofa, he turned to me and motioned to the desk. “On your back across the desk lengthwise.”

I settled myself, the smooth wood surface cool against my skin. He had me scooch down so the edge of the desk hit me at the bend of my knees. He placed a throw pillow from the sofa under my head and caressed my cheek with the back of his hand tenderly. Checking my position with an appraising eye, he nodded. “I think we need some mood music, don’t you?” He started up a playlist on his phone, and I smiled as some old-school R&B wafted out. “That’s sounds about right,” he said.

“Yes, Sir. I like it.” I was already high on sensation. It was always this way when we played—anticipation mixed with my calm confidence that whatever happened next was going to be perfect no matter what he ultimately chose to do to me.

He pulled his shirt off over his head, tousling his hair. I had talked him into letting it grow out a bit and I loved the way it curled just a little at the ends. He’d picked up some more sun during our walk on the beach, and I envied the effortless way he tanned.

“Close your eyes and keep them closed until I say.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He positioned my arms so my hands were palms up and slightly away from my body. The next thing I felt was a prickling sensation as he ran the pinwheel ever so slowly up my left arm. It was amazing! He continued across my collarbone and then down my right arm before reversing the path.

“Is that good?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Surprisingly so.”

“If I press too hard or do anything that hurts in a bad way, it’s your job to call red light, Laura. I have no way of knowing what you’re feeling otherwise. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll keep you informed, I promise.”

He ran that sucker all over the tender skin of my inner arms, my belly, around my breasts and then very, very gently over my nipples. That move drew an involuntary gasp from me.


“Green, green, green as grass, Sir.”

He chuckled. “I guess that means I should do it again.” So he did.



Jordan Buchanan was born and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia most of her life. Now residing in northern Michigan, she misses the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, but living in the home state of the mighty Detroit Red Wings helps ease the pain.


Jordan writes erotic romance with both heart and heat. She has published the short story collection, 4Play; the novel, Xander’s Garden; and the On-the-Job Training serial—Orientation, Probation Period, and Permanent Position— all available on Amazon.


When she’s not reading, writing, or watching hockey, Jordan spends quality time with her charming husband, three young Labrador mixes, and two older and quite disgruntled ca



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