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My first novel was Demon Within a fantasy romance. It  turned into the Fallen Angels Series because it was so successful.

I also write in Urban Fantasy, Fantasy Erotica and most recently, Young Adult Fantasy (no sex in this one, lol)

All the books that I’ve written are listed here. You will find the official synopsis and a link to purchase. For snippets and reviews, I’ve included an addition link to a page on this site.

Latest release


Blood Brothers (Blood Trilogy Book Two)

Blood shed in battle bonds soldiers more strongly than simple genetics.

When you’ve been a “guest” of Solgen Labs, brothers from another mother takes on a whole new meaning. Keagen and Gabriel thought they were experts on all Solgen’s dirty little secrets. Until they met Ghost and found the deceit and conspiracy goes more than bone-deep; it goes right down to their spliced and enhanced DNA.

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Dragon Moon: Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK(read more here) Also available in paperback and Audiobook

Save the dragons, unite the races, no Dragon Moon
I’m nineteen and wish I had a clue about my future. Instead of my own bed, this
I woke in the strange land of Lur Neval. My name is Scarlett, but the Nevalese call me Dragon Mage. Seems it’s my job to preserve the all-important dragons and oh, while I’m here, bring peace to the warring clans. Piece of cake if I can outwit Madoc, the manipulative, evil seer who wants every dragon destroyed. Whatever it takes, I’m here to fulfill my destiny under the light of the Dragon Moon.

Find out why the dragon mage is so important to the people of Lur Neval by reading Dragon Moon, an exciting teen & young adult novel by Julie Nicholls.


Demon Within: Buy Links AmazonUSA/AmazonUK Also available in paperback and Audio & German  ( all available via Amazon links)

First book in an angel fantasy romance by Julie Nicholls (read sample, listen to sample here)

A former slave who is now a feared warlord, a princess, a king, angels and fallen-angels make this an epic romance you will love from the start.
When the Seraphim ruled the heavens, a vain angel dared to risk everything for the love of a human and paid the price of eternal damnation.
Sold into slavery when he was six years old, Kai has never known love. As a grown man, he rebels and becomes the ruler of Blackhill where he rules with a firm hand. Now he needs alliances and a wife.
King Garlan from Brightstone sends his envoy to request an alliance with the infamous warrior. The agreement is to offer his daughter’s hand in marriage, Princess Eloise, in exchange for Kai’s support. Kai instantly falls for the beautiful princess and soon discovers he’s not the only one with a secret.
The princess holds a power gifted to females on her mother’s side by the seraphim.
Can Eloise save Kai and the town of Blackhill from the destruction of the fallen angel who is attacking the towns looking for revenge? What does the future hold for them?
Join Kai and his friends on an epic journey which takes you in to a world of angels and demons by reading Demon within, an angel fantasy romance by Julie Nicholls.


Angel Within: An Angel Fantasy Fiction Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK Also available in paperback and Audio ( all available via Amazon links) (read more and listen to sample audio here)

Angel Within, a story of angels and fallen angels continues from the first book in the series, Demon Within,
Kai of Darkmide, a once feared warlord and Eloise of Brightstone, a timid princess, face danger once more from the fallen angels who seek revenge on man, although this time there is an added complication when the fallen are aided by a witch.

Jana, a powerful witch, and Tigan, a deceitful mercenary from Sabe and Kiera’s past, join forces to summon Samyaza, one of the most powerful of all fallen angels. The witch strikes a bargain with the fallen angel to possess Tigan, making him indestructible in battle.
Sian, a young witch, naïve but powerful, aids our trusted warriors, and in doing so is given refuge at Blackhill. Reluctantly becoming entangled in more secrets, she listens to the advice of Nazar, a new warrior who recently joined with Sabe and his sister, Kiera.

Kai and Sabe join Brightstone and Blackhill’s forces to rid the world of the powerful witch, and Tigan. Once again the seraph comes to the warrior’s aid, yet at what cost? The final battle culminates with the transformation of Eloise from a timid queen to a feared warrior as her husband fights for his life, and freedom from bondage once more.
The story continues and is not just a romantic tale of a princess and a slave. This epic story has another chapter to reveal and only in the final book will it become clear who controls man’s fate on earth.
Get ready for the battle between good and evil, angel and fallen angel, and learn what the heavens have in store for Kai and Eloise in this women’s fantasy fiction, Angel Within, the 2nd book in the Fallen Angels Series.


Ascension Within: An Angel Fantasy Romance –  Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK Also available in paperback and Audio ( all available via Amazon links)(read more and listen to audio sample here)

The story continues from book two, Angel Within, where we left Eloise in a state of unrest at

Kai’s disappearance.
Can Eloise save Kai? If she does, is he going to be the same man she fell in love with? Or will he revert to his old persona? Confused by overwhelming emotions of despair and betrayal over losing her lover, Eloise finds inner strength and rages with determined purpose to aid her husband’s return.
Together with her comrades and the angel, Anael, she makes her plan to rescue Kai, but as always when dealing with angels, it is not so easy. The angels are cooking more plots and schemes; they just won’t leave the mortals alone! Anael reveals additional secrets regarding Eloise and Kai’s past, and she’s angry and hurt. Lashing out at the Angel, she condemns his actions and his interference’s with the lives of mortals.
The battle is on to release Kai, and to save the souls of man from Nivel, a dark angel. He’s playing a dangerous game and the prize is all of humanity.
The witch Jana is aiding Nivel. What deceit is she planning this time after hiding her intentions in Angel Within? Nivel strives to win a game he and Anael started over 25 years ago, but who has the better team?
You will learn everything in the final book, Ascension Within, book three in the Fallen Angels Series.
Ascension Within has more secrets and plots, just as with Demon Within, and Angel Within. Together with sensual, erotic bedroom scenes, and an adventure that will keep you guessing, you will be riveted to know the conclusion of this angel fantasy romance from the Fallen Angels Series.
The Fallen Angels series is a story of love, passion, good overpowering evil, and loyalty.



Fallen Angels Complete Series : Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK

This 3 in 1 eBook contains Demon Within, Angel Within, and Ascension Within.





Blood Ties : Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK (read more here and listen to audio book sample)

Blood Ties is the first book in a new adult dark urban fantasy by Julie Nicholls

The hunter becomes the hunted…

Blood Ties urban fantasy paranormal romance
Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Author Julie Nicholls

K 3 4 G E N is Solgen Laboratories number one hunter. He’s genetically enhanced and has a high IQ, heightened senses, and thanks to lycan DNA, he is stronger and faster than any man. It’s taken him a year to find Solgen Labs most wanted escapee; Gabriel, a lycan, and K 3 4 G E N is finally bringing him in, but despite his one hundred percent retrieval rate, his title and life are about to expire.
The labs have created a new hunter, a female. G H 0 5 C T – She’s faster, stronger, and has a new genetic enhancement that gives her the edge. She’s a trained killer, and is eager to replace K 3 4 G E N, robbing him of his title and crown.
Feeling betrayed, K 3 4 G E N turns to his enemy, Gabriel. He hands Gabriel a file containing details of his sister, who was executed at the hands of Dr. Keller, the founder of Solgen Labs. Seeking an alliance, he offers to help Gabriel find out what happened to his sister.
Gabriel must make a choice; trust the hunter, or run and hide as he had done previously.

Find out who G H 0 5 C T is and why she wants K 3 4 G E N’s title by reading Blood Ties, a new adult dark urban fantasy series by Julie Nicholls.



Fantazia – The club you won’t want to leave : Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK(read more here and listen to a sample of the Audiobook)

Fantazia is a fantasy romance with a bit of kink by Julie Nicholls

Fantasies hidden so deep she won’t admit to them, even to herself.

Elsa is very good at lying…to herself. She works every day then comes home every night to wine and her beloved paranormal romance book boyfriends. Wash, rinse,
repeat. The thirty-five year old is locked in a cage of her own design, convincing herself she’s happier this way. Safer this way. The sexy men found between the pages of a book will never hurt her, look disparagingly at her figure, or leave her for a younger woman. And if her sexual needs mean she has to take matters into her own hands? Well…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Her master plan, though, is beginning to fray around the edges along with her nerves. Tense, envious of her assistant’s seeming contentment, and suspicious of her subordinate, Elsa is miserable under her carefully constructed façade. Until fate and a flickering light bulb conspire to bring her face to face with a gorgeous janitor determined to force her to confront her issues and let go of her fears at Club Fantazia.Unable to dismiss her attraction to Jasper, and curious about the mysterious club, Elsa is tempted. Will big brown eyes and a brawny physique be enough to break down her walls of self-preservation? And what about that extremely annoying mind-reading ability he has? It’s enough to make a girl reach for an extra glass of Merlot.Once inside Fantazia, Elsa’s life, as she knows it, will change forever. What happens when she learns she doesn’t have to choose between the angel on one side and the devil on the other? She learns she can have both. Lucky, lucky woman.

So what are you waiting for? Put that fantasy romance book down and get yourself over to Fantazia, the club you won’t want to leave.


Not For Sale: Buy Links Amazon USA/Amazon UK smaller

Jessie was young, financially stable and wasn’t happy about being locked in a cage. She’d awoken, dazed and confused as she listened to her abductors voices. What was to become of her? Would there be any way to escape? It was fortunate her captors had enemies, and she prayed she would find freedom rather than anything else.





One of the many issues for an author is piracy of our books. I know it seems that because so many other things online are free, you should be entitled to books too, right?

Many indie authors give away more books to promote their work than most ‘published’ authors, and they do this so they are seen. The cost of publishing a book is quite expensive… A professionally made cover will cost you around $300…Editing anywhere from $1,200 upwards. There’s advertising which for a new book release could cost upwards of $400. This doesn’t account for the time spent writing, and sometimes that could take 6 months or more.

So the next time you want to read a book, please buy it, please also review it and help your favorite author to continue writing more books that you love to read.