Men as Sex Slaves… Makes a change I suppose

I don’t often like to use the term, SEX SLAVE and our hero, Kai of Darkmide from Demon Within knows all about this.

Sneaky Peekurban fantasy paranormal romance author

Walking their horse at a steady pace, they were almost home. Kai, still overwhelmed at the miracle Eloise had performed and astounded she wasn’t held in a higher regard by her family, squeezed her lovingly. He felt her warm breath fall against his skin and realized he’d never appreciated how pleasant the sensation could be. He felt a connection he’d not had with anyone else.

Robbed of deep feeling his whole life, Kai struggled to connect emotionally with a woman. He’d always simply satisfied his sexual demands and then dismissed his women afterwards with no further need for their counsel. After winning his first fight at sixteen, he was rewarded with a young woman to use for his sexual pleasure. Thus his only education had begun with regard to women. Equal to a stallion used for stud, he’d learned quickly and performed his duties well. Detached from any emotion, he didn’t need to know the names of the women he serviced. They were slaves, like him. Once he’d completed the task, they were removed from his cell. He’d never see them again.

As a child learns the difference between right and wrong from his parents, Kai learned the same from his slavers. It was a twisted education that taught him killing earned rewards, and women were a mere commodity. Years of systematic training made him a warrior, a fighter, and a breeder. They didn’t teach him about love; that would have to come now from someone who could forgive his life of butchery and carnage.