I’m on board with amazing fantasy artist… Uwe Jarling

Hello!! I’m very excited to share some news with you. I recently became friends with a very talented artist with over 25 years experience working in the fantasy art world. He is also amazing at creating 3d, and it’s because of this we became friends. Myself and a few other designers commissioned him to create an exclusive dragon for us to use on our covers. We realized we had alot in common, and decided we could make great work together if we pooled our skills. I am so very proud to be associated with Uwe, not only because he’s worked for some famous authors, rock bands and movie peeps, but because he is a genuinely awesome person. I’m going to show you just a few of the works we’ve created together, and also want to invite you to our first premade cover event this evening in our Facebook group.

Should wish to contact us to arrange a custom cover, please do so via our Facebook page “Joolz & Jarling Book covers”