Favorite Romantic Book

Do you have a favorite romantic book? Or maybe a favorite genre romantic book?

Demon Within is an epic romance. Filled with plots, twists, secrets, lies, and passion. It follows the journey of Kai of Darkmide and Eloise of Brightstone. Both of these people have a secret.

Read the fallen angels series and discover the full story. Each book is available separately or in one urban fantasy paranormal romance authorbox set.

The ground, for the first time in months, softened. Its thirst for water made swift use of the rain. A cool breeze accompanied the downpour making the air fresher; over the mountains and farther the gathering clouds waited to release their load onto thirsting land. Free from the constraints of rationing the withering crops, now revitalized, would provide nourishment over the winter months. In Blackhill and the surrounding regions, everyone would feast well that evening and celebrate the end of the drought.

Watching sheets of rain drench the soil around them; Eloise nestled against Kai’s body and sighed. Some may complain. Being soaked through to the skin with a chill setting deep into their bones would send others to seek shelter, but the heat from Kai’s body, and his appreciation of her performance kept her body and mind warm. Feeling valued for the first time in her life, and enjoying the elated feeling, she nestled in the opening of his shirt to rest her cheek against his bare skin.

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