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Those of you who know me, know my furr babies are most important to me. They’re not just for company, but also they can be useful, when trained, which is why I’m taking part in an event in a couple of hours.

It’s to raise money for a veteran who needs a service dog, and this event is taking place on Facebook.

I hope you’ll come along, there are lots of auctions for books, ebooks and other goodies, and it will be a fun three days.

Cover Model & Author Take over to benefit combat Veteran who needs a support dog

I’m offering a copy of Blood Ties, my latest release and the full box set of the Fallen Angels Series. Here’s a sneaky peek from Blood Ties.

Gabriel moved to sit by his side on the sofa and leaned over. He’d thought his sister dead for two years, and trusting Keagen’s expert knowledge of the workings at Solgen brought hope. kindle unlimited promoAlthough Keagen’s warning was still in his mind. If he couldn’t turn Lyra away from the company, he had no idea what he would do. He pushed the negative thoughts to the rear and concentrated on the present.

“So you think she might be a guest or a staff member?”

Keagen scrunched his shoulders. “Not sure. I’ll have to do a survey to confirm, but it’s a place to start.”

Gabriel nodded. “I’d like to go with you.”

Keagen blew out his cheeks. “We’ve already talked about this.” He stared at Gabriel with a look that a father would give to a child, but Gabriel wasn’t taking any notice.

“Look, if you let me tag along, I could prove useful,” he said hopefully.

“How, exactly?”

“I don’t know, maybe I can have the details of the layout or something written down to help you get around once you’re inside the facility.”

There was a pause and then Keagen rested his chin on his clenched fist as he gazed idly at Gabriel. “That would be awesome, and really useful if I didn’t have an eidetic memory.”

“A What?”

Keagen rolled his eyes. “A photographic memory.”

“No shit! Seriously?”

“I don’t need a side-kick; you’ll only get in the way.”

“Come on! You have to let me go with you!”

“I don’t. I have no use for you.”

Grunting as he slouched back against the sofa, Gabriel knew he wasn’t making any headway, but he wasn’t done yet.

“Okay, I admit; I have no skills that can help you, okay?”

Keagen grinned.

“But can’t you just let me tag along? Let me at least see my sister. You owe me that much.”

Frowning, Keagen thought for a moment. He preferred to work alone; however, Gabriel had skills that could prove useful if he was in a tight spot. The clawed hands were lethal, and when Keagen couldn’t use a gun, it would come in handy. Conceding to Gabriel’s insistence, and against his better judgment, Keagen nodded.

“Okay, but you have to do exactly as I say.” He gave Gabriel a hard stare.

“YES! I will!”

Gabriel’s elation was obvious, and Keagen shook his head in disbelief at his excitement. At least he wouldn’t slow him down. Closing the laptop, Keagen leaned back and sighed heavily. He was tired and needed to prepare. Turning to his new partner, he grinned.

“You’d better rest. I’ll be leaving at first light. So go and say goodnight to that puss of yours just in case it’s the last chance you get. Because if you meet your sister, you’re gonna get a shock. She won’t be the sweet, naive girl you once knew. As I see it, there are two possibilities. She’s either a basket case and chained to a wall in a cell, or a lethal weapon. If it’s the latter, the training and conditioning will have turned her into a fighting machine. If the company has given her the next assignment by the time we catch up with her, you and I are first on her hit list.”

He slapped Gabriel’s shoulder as he left. Rest wasn’t something he needed a lot of, but he still had to sleep occasionally. It was a case of quality rather than quantity, and he required a few hours to put right the sleep debt.

Watching Keagen leave, Gabriel thought then decided he was right, and headed to the bedroom, but hovered outside Lyssa’s room for a moment. He could hear her gently snoring and snickered, although he wished she were awake. A snuggle would be welcomed, but he didn’t want to disturb her after the ordeal of the last couple of days. Moving silently to his room and undressing, he lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Memories of his sister plagued his mind from when they were younger. They always teased one another constantly, and when he’d made the decision to leave the pack, it broke her heart. She’d begged him to stay, but Gabriel knew if he remained, he and his father would end up fighting, and that wasn’t something he wanted. They kept in contact for a short time, but then Gabriel took up residence in his cell, and the last time he’d seen his sister was on a video, played to him while he was caged. Since Keagen debunked the video as a fake, his mind was now plagued with images of the same gruesome tests he’d endured; the bone and skin sampling, not to mention endless stamina tests. His stomach twisted. No one deserves to suffer under the hands of these bastards, especially his sister. He hoped Keagen’s second suggestion would apply to Lyra, and then at least he would attempt to bring her home, despite Keagen’s warnings. Gabriel needed to believe there was a chance he could save her; else, he may as well give up now.

He was unaware he’d drifted into sleep until he was woken slowly by the soft touch of Lyssa’s hands as she smoothed a warm palm across his chest. She’d snuck into his room, but he wasn’t about to complain. A strong arm reached around her and he kissed her head, letting her know he appreciated her presence.

It took only moments for Lyssa’s hand to wander lower to his cock and Gabriel moaned softly at her caressing. Palming him with precision, she stroked him to climax easily. He rested for a moment, before rolling her onto her back and pressed his mouth over hers. She received his tongue with enthusiasm. When his hand slipped between her thighs, she moaned into his mouth. The intrusion of long fingers inside brought her back into an arch. It was impossible to keep still or silent and Lyssa groaned loudly when Gabriel’s mouth moved down to a hard nipple and gave it a nip. Almost every time they’d played, she came. He was an expert at bringing her to climax, and she loved it. She felt the tingle and within moments, a rush of pleasure spilled through her body. It was impossible to remain quiet and she cried out her pleasure while Gabriel watched her face contort in ecstasy. Grinning after she’d climaxed, he kissed the tip of her nose and growled, causing her to giggle.

Without any words, Gabriel pulled her against him. Holding her tight, they drifted into sleep.