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I want to share with you a sneak peek from that talented author, Jordan Buchanan. She’s just recently released On The Job Training, and she’s given us an awesome snippet.

Excerpt from On-the-Job Training – Orientation

The sommelier, elegant in a tuxedo, brought our wine and poured for John’s approval. After receiving the nod, he poured for both of us. I’m no wine expert, but this sparkling white was fantastic. Even if I had to force myself, food was a necessity. Drinking on an empty stomach could lead to a disaster.

Without warning, John reached across the table and took my hand, his thumb stroking my palm. “Laura, am I deluding myself in thinking there’s something between us? Do you feel it?”

I nodded and took another sip. “Yes, I feel it.”

“Was that really hard to say?” His voice was soft but firm.

I grinned and deliberately shook my head instead of answering which made him laugh out loud.

“You know what you are? You’re a brat.” He raised my hand to his mouth and brushed his lips across my knuckles. “A smart, beautiful, talented, stubborn brat.”
Author Jordan Buchanan

The waitress picked that inopportune moment to bring our food, and it was almost delicious enough for me not to hate her. John cut into his steak, stabbed a morsel with his fork and turned to me. “Here, open up.”

“Mmm.” It was every bit as good as my chicken. “Would you like a bite of mine?”

“No, not of your chicken.”

Holy shit. This was getting more interesting by the minute. He fed me another bite before settling into eating it himself.  Under the table, my leg jiggled nervously, and I forced myself to be still. When I finished my wine, john casually refilled my glass. I looked at him, brows raised.

“You’re not driving, and it’s your day. Two glasses aren’t over your limit, are they?”

“Of course not! I can handle myself.” I took another sip to prove my point.  Maybe I was a brat.

He put his knife and fork down, wiped his mouth with his napkin, and leaned back in his chair with a sigh of contentment. I followed suit and shifted slightly toward him in my chair. “Did you enjoy your meal?”

“Very much, you?”

“Very good, thank you for bringing me here.” I hadn’t felt this awkward and gawky since I was fifteen. I lifted my chin and tried to brazen it out. “Do you have room for dessert?”

I’d never seen brown eyes blaze, but his did at that moment. “Not exactly,” he said, and reached for my hand again. “I’m going to ask you something. Regardless of what your answer is, know this. Your job is not on the line.  If you can look me in the eye and say you don’t wish to pursue a relationship with me, everything will go back to the way it was last week. Trust me. You do trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes.” I did. Although I’d known him for little more than a month, he was consistently a man of his word. Not only with me, but with his clients, subcontractors, and vendors

He leaned forward a bit. “Then tell me. What do you want, Laura?”

It was now or never.  I sucked in a breath and met his gaze directly. “I want to be with you, John.”

I saw relief wash over his features. “Thank God,” he murmured and closed his eyes briefly before locking them onto mine again. “There’s no right or wrong answer to my next question. Okay? Have you ever fantasized about being sexually submissive?”

Oh. My. God. He knew! How the hell did he know? I should laugh it off, right? How could I possibly admit my deepest, darkest desires to him? I opened my mouth to deny it and then snapped it shut. Oh great, now I look like a fish out of water–appropriate, yes; attractive, no. A memory of me in bed with Walt came to mind. It was one of the few times we’d spontaneously had sex without scheduling it beforehand. I’d pulled my nightgown over my head but left my arms in it, effectively creating my own sad form of bondage. Walt, oblivious as always, said, “Here, let me help you with that,” and pulled me free.

“Yes, I’ve always been curious.” If I never take the first step, I’ll forever be the woman trapped in her own bonds alone.

A smile, like the sun sliding out from behind a cloud, spread across his features. My heart was yammering in my chest. After years of waiting, I was being given an opportunity to experience what I’d only read about before. I didn’t know what to do; my mind was racing through my favorite scenes in every book in my collection.

“Laura? Earth to Laura?”

“Yes, um, Sir?” That part was easy. In the South, we’re taught from the cradle to say sir and ma’am.

He shook his head slightly. “You have no idea what it does to me when you call me that. Thank you. Don’t worry; we’ll start out slowly.”

“I have no idea what I’m doing.” I took another sip of my wine, my hands shaking slightly. I glanced around the restaurant; everyone else was eating, chatting, as if nothing were amiss. Why did I feel like a big neon arrow was flashing over our table?

“That’s the beauty of it, Laura. I’ll tell you what to do. You need only to do it.”

“Good.” My relief must have been evident on my face; it made him chuckle.

“Ready for your first command, brat?”

“Yes, Sir!” Suddenly, I was raring to go. Maybe it was the wine, but I doubted it.

He leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “Go to the ladies’ room, take off your panties, and bring them back to me.”

Damn. What have I gotten myself into?

You can buy this fabulous nawty book from Amazon and if you check out Jordan’s author page on Amazon, you’ll be able to read samples of her other books.

If you’d like to contact her…check her out on Facebook


New release for author Jordan Buchanan

NEW release for author Jordan Buchanan. Xander’s Garden.

This exciting New Adult Erotic  Romance is available for pre order now!

Xander's Garden by Jordan Buchanan
Xander’s Garden by Jordan Buchanan

I could not be more excited to reveal the cover for Xander’s Garden, designed by the fabulous Julie Nicholls. Xander’s Garden is available for re-order on Amazon now!   BUY LINK

In the year 2115 on the remote off-Earth colony Terra VI, Janis Kepple learns she is terminally ill. She begs her childhood sweetheart, Xander Pax, to hide her only child from her husband –Violet’s step-father. Janis can’t deny his once fatherly attitude has changed to something dark and lustful. Knowing she has little time left, she hopes the brothel, Xander’s Garden, is the last place anyone would look for her innocent daughter. With memories of his love for Janis lingering, Xander agrees, although he wants nothing more than to sell the sex shoppe and return to his beloved Terra III.

Shy Betta wants only to attend University on the Terra IV colony. When Xander offers her sanctuary, she becomes known as Violet and finds herself among strangers in a world that revolves around the business of sex. She’s surprised by the care and support she’s shown and begins blossoming into a confident young woman. Befriended—and seduced—by Daisy, a free spirit running from her public identity, and Chrys, a handsome young sex provider, her horizons are soon broadened…within limits.

Xander and Violet can both realize their long-held dreams if she offers herself up in the Virgin Auction, but tempting new choices have appeared. Surrounded by love in Xander’s Garden, who would ever want to leave?

Xander's Garden by Jordan Buchanan
Xander’s Garden by Jordan Buchanan


Jordan Buchanan was born and spent most of her life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Now residing in northern Michigan, she misses the Shenandoah Valley but living in the home state of the mighty Detroit Red Wings helps ease the pain.

She writes erotic romance with heart and heat, and has published Xander’s Garden and a collection of short stories, 4Play. She is currently working on Loves Me, Loves Me Not and On the Job Training: Orientation.

When she is not writing or watching hockey, Jordan enjoys spending quality time with her charming husband, three young adopted Lab mixes, and the two older, and very disgruntled, cats who hate them.

You can catch up with Jordan Buchanan on her blog!




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Due to a cock-up… Blood Ties is now live!!!

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I know, it was my mistake. I uploaded a new document for pre order today but forgot to put the date in!! lmao!!!

Keagen sauntered into the first bar he came across. It was dark and dingy and only two other people took up space at the bar. Scanning thoroughly before pulling out a stool, there was a sudden rush of blood to his cock when the pretty bartender greeted him with a smile.

“Hey, stranger, what can I get you?”

“Now you’re asking.” Keagen grinned. “Coffee, please.” He couldn’t help notice her scent and smiled. She had to be the girlfriend. If he dropped in, that would make for an interesting meeting.

Lyssa poured the tall, dark, and extremely handsome punter a mug of coffee.

“Are you new in town, or just passing through?” Furnishing him with a cheery smile and wide eyes, she couldn’t resist a flirt. Aside from Gabriel, he was the only other good-looking man she’d set eyes on.

“Oh, I’m here to check on family.” He sipped his coffee while glowering over the rim at Lyssa. Noticing pert breasts with peaked nipples, his cock thickened under the restraints of his jeans.

“You have family? Here?” Raising both brows, Lyssa wondered who in Dewburn Falls had relatives this hot. “What’s your name?”

Keagen breathed deeply before pursing his lips. He wasn’t up for sharing right now, although he was sure he could fob her off with a line. “I’m adopted, so my name wouldn’t be familiar to you, but you can call me Keagen.” He leaned against the counter. “What’s your name, princess?”

“Lyssa.” She beamed. She liked the way he smiled. He was utterly delicious in a wicked ‘I’ll rip out your heart’ kind of way.

“That’s a pretty name for a pretty lady.” He flashed another dazzling smile. “Are you spoken for, or may I ask you out to dinner?”

Blushing, and suddenly feeling cornered, Lyssa grimaced. “Yeah, I’m kind of involved with someone, but thanks for asking.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to eat alone, then.” Keagen thought for a moment. She had to be involved with his prey. He snapped his head toward the door and watched another young and attractive female move closer. His brow arched. Dewburn Falls had much to offer. His nostrils flared as the scent drifted his way. Wolf. Another one. There’s no wonder he’d moved here; there’s wall-to-wall pussy. Well, sort of.

Lyssa smiled. “Hi, Sally. How’s it going?”

“Don’t ask.” Sally sidled behind the bar and grabbed a beer from the freezer. “I know it’s your night off, but I have a problem at home, and I wondered if you’d come back and work the last couple of hours for me? I’ll work your full shift tomorrow night. Would you do that, hon?”

Lyssa sighed. She hated working two shifts in one day. However, Sally had swapped with her in the past last minute. “Yeah, sure.”

“Thanks, doll. I’ll square it with the boss.” Sally gALTERNATECOVER with FWP logo FBlanced at the customer and sighed. Noticing his eyes focusing on her larger than average breasts, she smirked. “You need a refill hon?” She sauntered closer and gave him a better view as she leaned across to fill his mug. “Not seen you in town before. You planning on staying long?”

“Depends.” Keagen slowly licked his lips.


“Whether there’s anything interesting enough to keep me.” He smoothed the flat of his hand over his hair. He’d tied it up in a man-bun, but a few stragglers had broken free.

Lyssa rolled her eyes as he flirted with Sally. Only two minutes earlier, she was a princess. Shaking her head, she should have known. Hot men like him don’t wait around, and if someone’s unavailable, they move on fast. No harm done. She was only flirting anyway, but it still annoyed her that she’d fallen for his charms.

The unmistakable honk of Gabriel’s horn outside made her squeal. He never let her down and always kept his promises. He restored her faith in hot men; they weren’t all cut from the same cloth.

“Okay, hon. I’m outta here.” She winked at Sally, then bolted for the door and yelled over her shoulder. “Have fun.”

Keagen’s eyes narrowed. Interested to know who the hottie was dating and if his suspicions were correct, he jumped off the stool and made for the door after throwing $10 on the counter.

A beaten-up truck pulled away and headed off down the street before turning right on a road leading out of town. That had to be him. Keagen ran to his car and followed the direction of the truck, keeping a safe distance. He didn’t want him spooked.



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I’m currently working on the first book in a new trilogy, Blood Ties. This is a paranormal/shifter romance and I expect to release this book early January. My editor has returned the document and I’m currently re-writing and editing, but I can let you have a sneaky peek.
keagen gabriel banner1“Do I get to learn the name of my killer before I die?” Keagen said.

The female sidestepped slowly and concentrated her eyes on Keagen’s folded arms. “I don’t see that it matters. It’s not going to serve any purpose.”

“Aw, come on! Don’t I have the right to know the name of the woman I’m gonna kill?”

Keagen unfolded his arms and, without blinking, started firing in the direction of the female.

As if sensing his actions, she spun and sidestepped, dodging Keagen’s torrent of bullets. Her next move was furiously fast and Keagen didn’t see her kick until he felt the sting of her boot as it connected with his face. It knocked him off balance, and he hissed as he lost both Glocks, but recovered in time to catch her foot when it swung toward him once more. He twisted her leg sharply and she grunted. Responding lightning fast, she jumped in the air and kicked him hard in the chest with her other leg, causing him to release her foot. Lying on his back, he quickly rolled over, heading toward the guard and dragged him forward with such force that he lost his weapon. Keagen snatched it quickly off the floor and while attempting to scramble to his feet, shot at his enemy, although without success of causing harm. The guard cracked his head on the corner of the desk and lay unconscious, which at least evened the odds, although, not by much. The chick was even faster than he was, and he had to congratulate the geneticists, despite cursing them in the same breath.

Charging toward his target, he slammed her against the wall. Usually he’d be pounding a pussy while in this position, but not this day. He was fighting for his life and wasn’t sure he was going to win. This new version was way faster and stronger than he expected and he had no idea how he was going to stop her.

With his arms wrapped around her body, Keagen tried to drag her to the floor, but he cried out in pain as her head connected with his. The force was immense. With blurred vision, he struggled to stand. His hold was slipping and as he started to fall, he could hear only a wicked cackle ringing in his ears.

Landing on the floor with a THUD, he shook his head to try to bring himself around, but he was struggling. Aware of a noise, but unsure what it was, his head turned toward the direction. Everything was fuzzy, but he could just make out Gabriel as he crashed through the window.

Glass flew in all directions as he almost fell into the room at speed. Without hesitation, he shifted. Honing in on the female against the wall, who was now beckoning him toward her wearing a wide grin, he obliged her request and charged. His growl echoed around the room as he roared. Clawed hands sliced at the female as she ducked and dodged his attempts to cause harm. It seemed she was invincible. This was the future of Solgen Laboratories.

Gabriel staggered back when the chick punched him hard across the jaw. It didn’t matter that she cut her skin on sharp teeth; she merely smirked as she noticed the red blood against her pale skin. As if the party was flagging and she grew bored of the guests, the female drew two curved daggers from behind her back and lunged at Gabriel. Her intention to finish him was painfully obvious when Gabriel howled as a blade sliced across his right arm.

In the meantime, Keagen took the advantage while their foe concentrated her attention on Gabriel and kicked her feet away, sending her on her ass. Within seconds, both Keagen and Gabriel were on her. Punches flew while claws slashed, but not for long. A howl like a banshee ripped through the room. Springing from the floor, sending both men sprawling into the walls, the female dived through the broken window.

Both Keagen and Gabriel remained in their locations. Breathing heavily and still struggling to come to their senses from their injuries, it took a few minutes before Gabriel managed to get to his feet. Shifting to human form and aiding Keagen, he pulled him to sit in a chair while he checked his arm. The wound would heal quickly, the benefits of being a lycan, but it still hurt nonetheless.

“What the fuck was that?” Keagen sat, dazed and confused. Unable to shake the blurred vision or humming in his head, he pressed his hands to his forehead in despair.

“Come on, we need to get the fuck out of here before the cops turn up.”



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I’ve never done this previously as when I start a new story, I usually have all the characters worked out, with descriptions, names and skillsets, however… I want to get my readers involved in this next book and so I’d like to ask you all if you would give me a kick-ass girl’s name. She’s part lycan, and is genetically enhanced, and is trained as an assassin. If you want to add a comment to this post, and tell me what you think would be a cool name, you’ll get a mention in the credits of the book if I select your offer. Sound fun?

Have at it peeps!!!