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I’m still working on the 2nd book in the Blood Trilogy and if you’ve already read Blood Ties, then this is the next book for you. Blood Brothers continues where we left off and things between Keagen and Ghost are starting to heat up.

I know, I’m bad….teasing you with this little snippet!

Urban Fantasy Author
urban fantasy paranormal romance

Keagen’s dark eyes glowed with wicked warmth as he smoothed is palms across her silky skin. Both hunters studied one another closely. The growing bulge beneath Keagen’s sweats conveyed he liked what he saw… and felt. This bundle of hotness with crazy hair and ever-changing eye color drove him nuts. For the past week they’d sparred and teased one another to the point of insanity, and yet neither would make a move. Until today. Surprised at Ghost’s shameless teasing, he wasn’t about to let the opportunity escape. Sliding his hand up her back to grab a handful of soft hair, he tugged gently as he leaned in for a kiss. He sealed his lips over hers. A shock flew straight to his already hard cock, exciting him further. The need for something warm and wet grew urgent, and tasting the woman whose scent drove him crazy was all he could think about.

Her body relaxed against the powerful man. Unwilling to resist any longer, Ghost was ready to move along to the next level. Keagen proved himself her equal, although she’d be damned if she ever told him. She knew she wouldn’t be happy giving herself over to anyone with lesser qualities. Strong, fierce, and despite his work as a hunter for Solgen, he showed he was capable of tenderness and caring.

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Blood Brothers…2nd book in the Blood Trilogy, coming soon

I’m working on the 2nd book in the Blood Trilogy, Blood Brothers. Here’s a little sneaky peek. If you’ve not already read, or listened to Blood Ties, make sure you check it out!

Blood Ties - Urban Fantasy Romance
Urban Fantasy Romance

Snippet from Blood Brothers…

His fist smashed against the leather and he cursed. The words seeped into his mind and he was unable to stop them. Four more rapid punches then following with a left cross, sent the heavy bag flying.

“Did someone piss in your Frosties?”

Keagen spun to face Ghost. She was sneaky when she needed to be. He hadn’t sensed her presence given his attention was elsewhere and now it posed a problem. Should he tell her? Faced with platinum blonde hair tipped with blue together with ebony eyes, he blinked. Never knowing what color hair or eyes would greet him, he was caught off guard, but it gave him time to ponder over his dilemma.

He wiped the sweat from his brow. “Nah, I’m always grumpy in the mornings.”

“Yeah, you are.” Ghost chuckled and clapped both hands together. “So are we training or do you want me to leave you alone?”

“I’m good. You wanna tussle?”

“Always,” she smirked.

Ghost didn’t waste any time and lunged at Keagen with her right fist. He dodged her easily and teased.

“Too slow, Joe.”

She wasn’t about to let him get away so easily and before he’d finished grinning, she kicked out.

Reeling back to dodge a spinning kick, Keagen quickly recovered. Stepping forward with his left leg, he responded with side kick, but Ghost blocked his kick and sidestepped to sweep the leg past. She then lunged with an elbow smash to the back of Keagen’s head. He fell to the floor holding his head and cursed.

“I didn’t hit you that hard, get up you pussy.” Ghost rested both hands on her hips and stared at Keagen rolling on the floor. He wasn’t fooling anyone. They’d been here before and she knew if she moved to his aid, he’d spring back to his feet and head-butt her just like yesterday.

“Keagen!” She poked her toe at his back but he replied only with a string of curse words. Her brows knitted together with the realization he wasn’t faking. Dropping to the floor she knelt by his side. “I’m sorry, I must have caught you badly.”Blood Brothers by Julie Nicholls

“Nah.” Keagen continued to rub his head. “It wasn’t you. I’ve had a headache for the last few days.”

Ghost expression turned from concern to annoyance. “That is no fucking headache. You fell over in agony.” It suddenly dawned on her. Remembering what Gabriel told them after returning from Milwaukee, she wondered if his symptoms were cause for concern. If he was part of the same batch that was experiencing a rejection or something, he could be having a relapse. Quickly rising, she aided Keagen to his feet.

“I think we should call Gabe.”

“Ya think he’ll run over with some Tylenol.”

Ghost slapped his arm. “No, dumb-ass. To call his sister at Solgen and ask what problems the other subjects encountered first.” Her lower lip found its way into her mouth as she thought. “We can catch it before it worsens.”

“There’s fuck-all wrong with me. I’ve just got a headache. Chill out woman.”

Taking a few moments to rest, Keagen smoothed his hair back into a ponytail after his constant rubbing freed too much hair. He faced Ghost with a raised brow. “Come on. I’m ready for ya this time.” His hands rose in an attacking position, but Ghost wasn’t moving.

“Nope.” With feet fixed to the floor in a, ‘I’m not budging’ stance, she glared at Keagen.

“Bet I can make ya change your mind.” He lunged with a left hook and narrowly missed her temple. “Ha. Made you move.”

“Don’t think so.” She smirked. “Okay. Fine. You wanna play?” Ghost stepped back and just as she twirled, her body slipped into stealth mode.

Keagen called it that when she used the chameleon genetic enhancements. He wished the geeks at the lab had that in the syringe when they spliced him. It would have come in handy. Disappearing in front of his eyes as she blended into the scenery, Keagen cursed when her foot landed against his chest. He grunted as he fell back.

“That’s cheating!” He spun around to get a fix on her position. Learning quickly when she moved in stealth-mode, the light seemed to bend around where she stood, and he could sometimes get a lucky punch in. “I see you!” He grinned and attempted to sweep her leg away, but she was too fast.

“Missed, and it’s not cheating. I’m using my skills. Just like you.”

Her laughter brought narrowing eyes. Keagen straightened and concentrated on her scent. She had a specific smell and when she shifted, it grew stronger.

“I know what you’re doing.” She suddenly appeared with folded arms across her chest.

“Just using my natural abilities, not cheating.” He smirked but soon turned slack jawed as Ghost began unzipping her suit.

“Uh-huh… Me too.” Pulling down the zipper slowly, she slowly turned her back. She glanced over her shoulder and peeled the suit down. “New rule. If you can catch me, I’m all yours.” Just as she pushed the clothing down to her ass, she disappeared, leaving the visible suit in a heap on the floor.

“Fuck.” Keagen groaned as the tantalizing view of her ass disappeared. The searing pain in his brain suddenly vanished when his cock twitched, encouraging him to get his ass in gear since there was a game in play he certainly didn’t want to miss.

Closing his eyes with flaring nostrils, he drew in a deep breath. She was close. He could not only smell her, but also felt the change in the air as she spun past. He waited. Slowly, slowly, catch your monkey…

Keagen made a grab for Ghost when she touched his shoulder, but missed by a split second. Keeping his cool, he waited for another opportunity. He may not be lightning fast like her, but he still had the higher IQ and waited for the opportune moment. Taking a breath, slow and easy, he concentrated then snatched to the side, snaring his prey. Ghost squealed in his tight hold while he pulled her close. She slowly appeared from the camouflage and stared into ebony eyes.

“Well done.” Her attention drew to Keagen’s lips. She’d thought about them often. Pressed against hers, or sucking on her nipples or something equally exquisite. Her body melted in his arms, and she felt the slickness pool between her thighs. Her body was ready to submit. Keagen stood her equal in strength, stamina, and agility. She wondered what the sex would be like. Two genetically enhanced humans. That would be a showstopper.

Stay tuned for more sneaky peeks and a release date of Blood Brothers!!


Book Cover release for Blood Brothers

I’m showing you the  book cover for my sequel to urban fantasy Blood Ties,  the 2nd book in the Blood Trilogy, Blood Brothers.

I know, we’ve only just had a book cover release for Blood Ties! However, I’m really enjoying writing the 2nd book and have prepared the cover.

Our dynamic duo, Keagen and Gabriel have their work cut out for them again in the 2nd book.

Blood Brothers Urban Fantasy Book
book cover by julie nicholls urban fantasy and paranormal author

Ghost, our genetically enhanced kick-ass female is finally going to learn who she is. Uh-oh… get ready.

 Blood Ties by Julie Nicholls Urban Fantasy

Here’s a sneaky peek. I can’t give too much because there are spoilers!

Blood Brothers, Book Two -Chapter One

For the fifth night in a row, Keagen awoke to the sound of Ghost shouting. He expected this would happen. Leaving the employment of Solgen Laboratories was a difficult adjustment. Gone were the money, fast cars, weapons, and security, not to mention the title of top hunter. It would be difficult for her to adjust, but she would manage, eventually.

Welcome to the real world.

Jumping from his bed, Keagen rushed to Ghost’s room to find her in a state of unrest. She thrashed her head from side to side, unable to wake from the nightmare. Once more, she shouted in Russian.

“Nyet, spasibo! Ya ne khochu!”

“Wake up!”

Keagen roused Ghost from the nightmare. She lay on the bed, glaring up at him. Sweat soaked her hair and skin as she stared, wide-eyed and breathing heavily.

Perching on the edge of the bed, he pulled her into his arms and smoothed wet hair from around her face. “You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

Her terrors had become a nightly occurrence, and Keagen knew all too well what that was like. He’d been through it. Only time lessened the frequency, but they never stopped completely. Leaving the protection of Solgen Laboratories wasn’t a tough choice for him, once he learned about the early retirement they planned for him. While he was top dog, he would never have dreamed of leaving. But on discovery of the plans to replace him with Ghost, he had no choice.

Ghost closed her eyes and nodded. “I’m okay. Thank you.”

“Same shit?”

“Yeah.” She frowned. “I don’t know who the man is, but he keeps after me… I wish it would stop.” Ghost wiped away the sweat from her forehead.

“It will. It just takes time.” Keagen smiled. “You want me to get you something to drink?”

Shaking her head, Ghost sighed. “No, I’m good.”

As much as Keagen wished to stay in her room, it wasn’t helping his libido. Since Ghost had moved in, he’d refrained from driving into town to satisfy his aching balls. Abstinence wasn’t on his preferred list of activities. He was a natural predator and needed sex. Often. He couldn’t deny his initial feelings of hatred for the former hunter when he learned of her existence, but since they’d teamed up to take on Solgen, she was rapidly growing on him.

Breaking the hold, he jumped to his feet. “Okay, let me know if you need anything.”

“Did you find out anything about me yet?”

“Nah, I’m still trying to hack my way in. I don’t know why it’s proving difficult. I must be losing my touch,” he smirked. “Don’t worry. I won’t give up. This fucker is annoying me now. I’m gonna crack it, or die trying. Try to get some rest.”

Returning to his room, he settled back in bed. Hacking was one of his most precious skills, and he wasn’t going to let this issue get the better of him. Opening the laptop, he thought he’d have another go despite the mind-crunching pain in his head telling him to rest. For the last two days, a headache plagued him. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he wasn’t on top of his game, and it annoyed the crap out of him. Keagen didn’t do half measures. He liked to win. Always. The determination to get into the encoded files was the most important item on his to-do list. For whatever reason, the coding on Ghost’s files was different from the others he’d hacked. If it took him all night, he didn’t care. He needed this information for himself, not just Ghost.

It was a mystery why she spoke Russian in all of the dreams. When Ghost was awake, she couldn’t speak the language. The secret was in her files. It had to be. Someone really didn’t want the information leaking. Keagen managed to break into his own files within days of learning about the other hunters. He was sure Keller and the lab geeks knew he had. As though it was accepted behavior for all super IQ hunters to go snooping. Ghost already tried but didn’t get anywhere, and now it was up to him.

He rubbed his forehead and groaned. Migraines weren’t something he suffered with, and yet this fucker was persistent, if nothing else. Always wary of taking meds, he usually avoided them. Once warned by someone at the labs that it could fuck with the viruses’ that rampaged through his body while the gene splicing took hold, he made it a policy to stay clear of all pills and potions, unless administered directly from Keller or his underling.

For the next two hours, his fingers worked the keys, and just as the first glimmering light from dawn crept into his room, he finally hit the jackpot.

“Gotcha, motherfucker!”

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