Blood Ties Paperback Giveaway

Hey Peeps!!

I’ve just set up another #Amazongiveaway and this time it’s for a paperback. Blood Ties, the first book in the Blood Trilogy can be winging it’s way to you! All you have to do is enter…no purchase necessary.

The paperback is a little bit special. I created custom lettering for the interior and it looks fab!

Here’s a sneaky peek! (warning…sizzling hot)


Sweat ran down Keagen’s muscular back as he pressed the female against the wall. His rock-hard body, with perfect proportions and stamina that would outlast a stable of thoroughbred racehorses, was nowhere near to flagging. He’d pounded the woman for the last hour, nonstop. The female on the receiving end of his attention cried herself hoarse more than twenty minutes earlier. She needed to rest, but large hands cupped her ass, supporting her weight, and only when he’d had enough would he let her down.

With the air-con turned up high the smell of fresh sweat and sex hung in the air. Keagen loved to fuck; he had some catching up to do after his sex-starved existence for the first part of his adult life. Puffing out a few quick breaths, he built up his pace. He was ready for a beer and wanted the woman out of his room.

Keagen was tall, muscular, and stronger than most men were, although he wasn’t exactly a man. His genes were human DNA with a hint of animal, courtesy of Solgen Laboratories. It wasn’t common knowledge what the company did, and their labs were all in secret locations. Only their financial backers knew where they were. Who supported them was unclear. Possibly the government, private military organizations, or even wealthy dictators; no one knew. You would not find any documentation about it. It wasn’t legal what they were doing, that’s for sure.

Keagen tracked and hunted escapees and always caught his prey, but just one eluded him, and it pissed him off. Nevertheless, he was closing in, and soon he’d return to base with his prize in tow. Given free reign to come and go as he pleased, Keagen enjoyed the freedom, and as long as he brought in the bounty, all was well. Sometimes out in the field for days or weeks at a time, he upheld contact by phone; a check-in, but he wasn’t worried. Sometimes he needed ‘Keagen’ time. Holed up at his secret hideaway, or a motel, where a steady stream of females frequented his room, he could easily fob off his supervisor. The geneticists made the mistake of giving him just a little too much intelligence. Consequently, his IQ already rivaled some of the top minds in the world, and he was smart enough to hide that fact from his testers.

Grunting and hissing through gritted teeth, Keagen screamed his orgasm as he fucked the flagging woman; those last deep thrusts into her satisfied pussy filling the room with a guttural cry. Throwing his head back, his wet hair slapped against his shoulders. The muscles in his thighs held the female firmly against the wall for a few moments until his hips finally stilled and finished jerking. Catching his breath, he rested his head against the cool plaster before releasing the sighing woman. As she tried to stand her knees buckled, but he quickly scooped her up and laid her on the bed.

While he left her to recover, he went into the bathroom and rested his hands on the vanity unit. Looking at his sweat-ridden face, his drenched hair clung to his skin. He grinned. The cold water refreshed his sweating skin when he splashed it over his face. Keagen took a minute to cool down before turning and leaning against the unit while wiping his face with a towel.

He’d heard that he was close, and tomorrow Keagen intended to introduce himself. In the meantime, he would spend the rest of the evening relaxing with a few beers now he’d satisfied his other needs. Appreciating the female’s attention, but ready for her to leave, he turned on the charm.

Returning to the bedroom where his latest conquest recovered, he smirked.

“Are you ready for another round?” Keagen knew the answer, but this was a tried and tested method. “I can go all-night.” Drawing nearer to the bed, he palmed his cock.

“It’s already gonna take me a week to recover, so I’m gonna have to pass.” The female rolled onto her side and watched his hand moving as her mouth curved into a slow, delighted smile.

Keagen frowned. “Aw, really?”

“I’ve never met anyone like you, but as much as I’d love to stay, I need to sleep.” She laughed and pushed off the bed to gather her clothing from the floor. While stepping into her panties, she looked up at him. “We’ll have to do that again, after I’ve recovered.”

“That would be great,” Keagen lied as he sidestepped to grab his pants from the chair. “You’re gonna think I’m an asshole, but I’ve forgotten your name.”

“Nah, I don’t. I can’t remember yours either.” She snorted.


“Welcome to the 21st century. I’m Ellie.”

Keagen beamed. “Beautiful name. It was a pleasure, Ellie.” He pulled a black T over a muscled chest and then smoothed thick hair into a ponytail, tying it with a band. “I’m Keagen. I’ll give you a ride home, seeing as though you’re having trouble walking.”

Ellie finished zipping up her dress and grabbed her purse before heading for the door. Keagen held it open.

“You’re a true gent.” Her heart raced at the thought of meeting for a follow up, but realistically she knew that wasn’t going to happen. Hot men didn’t fall into her lap that often, especially ones like Keagen.



Just follow the link and enter! (applies to USA and Columbia only) You’ll be notified after the giveaway ends which should be 7 days and you have a 1/150 chance of winning!!