Work, work, work!

Hello peeps!

I’ve been a little busy these past months, and so I have to hang my head in shame for not updating my site for some time. However I’ve just managed to upload some of my more recent work, so that anyone who has been following me, can see how I’ve improved and continue to improve.

My calendar for 2020 is full for custom work, and in between custom clients, if i have time, I like to make premade covers which I always offer first in my group on Facebook.

Due to increasing popularity to get on my custom list, it’s with regret that I have to advise I am unable to take on any new clients for 2021 as there are only a few slots free, which are reserved for anyone purchasing a premade from me.

There are just not enough hours in the day!

I want to thank you all for continuing to like and share my work. It means a great deal to me.

Have a wonderful day!

Julie Nicholls

I’m on board with amazing fantasy artist… Uwe Jarling

Hello!! I’m very excited to share some news with you. I recently became friends with a very talented artist with over 25 years experience working in the fantasy art world. He is also amazing at creating 3d, and it’s because of this we became friends. Myself and a few other designers commissioned him to create an exclusive dragon for us to use on our covers. We realized we had alot in common, and decided we could make great work together if we pooled our skills. I am so very proud to be associated with Uwe, not only because he’s worked for some famous authors, rock bands and movie peeps, but because he is a genuinely awesome person. I’m going to show you just a few of the works we’ve created together, and also want to invite you to our first premade cover event this evening in our Facebook group.

Should wish to contact us to arrange a custom cover, please do so via our Facebook page “Joolz & Jarling Book covers”

10 pre made book covers about to go on sale!

Hey peeps,

In my group on facebook, I’m holding an event at 12midnight (Bulgarian time) – 1opm United Kingdom, and 4pm Central USA time. I have 10 beautiful pre made book covers going up for sale, there are no auctions, the price  is fixed at $150 for each ebook cover.

If you want to drop in, please follow the link, and i’ll let you in! Here are the covers so you can see what’s on offer.


Urban Fantasy Witch pre-made Cover

Hey peeps!

Here’s a new urban fantasy witch/magic premade cover that’s up for grabs. I can also create a paperback wrap for it, or audio book cover. $130 is the price for the ebook. Contact me on this page using the contact form or inbox me on my facebook page COVERS BY JULIE


Fantasy – sci-fi pre-made book cover


I’ve got two covers to show you today – both or which are pre-mades and are now being offered with ebook, paperback and one promo/banner. They are both $130 – Serentity and slayer

$130 each


cover reveal for author Debbie Cassidy

I do love posting new covers and today I get to post the first cover in a new and upcoming series by author, Debbie Cassidy

Created by JulieNicholls
Debbie Cassidy

Custom Covers

Dystopian fantasy pre made book cover

Hey peeps,

Here’s a dystopian type book cover up for grabs. $130 is the price for the ebook –  contact me via this site or my facebook page covers by Julie

#urban #fantasy pre made book cover. Hunter

This cover would be great for a vampire series, or demon hunter series

3 new pre made fantasy book covers for sale

Here are three new fantasy book covers for sale. send me a message via this site, or contact me on my facebook page, Covers by Julie if you’re interested