I’m sure plenty oreduced for postingf peeps have seen my paintings of Khal DrogoJason Momoa from Game of Thrones  author GRR Martin,  over the years, and just in case some were posted with my name cut off, here they are in full and close up. Check out my page on this site, for more Khal Drogo.

I confess to being obsessed with Mr Momoa and his characters, and because of this ‘healthy’ obsession, I started to write Fanfiction. Those of you who enjoy reading fan-fiction, and particularly hunt for anything to do with Momoa, will know me as Miris
tumblr_mpmwztMryX1qlrybio1_500hka. The most read by far are about  Khal Drogo & Daenarys, and 50 Shades meets Game of Thrones is the most popular! Entitled quite simply …. Game of Thrones meets 50 shades.

This sizzling snipped from A Morning of Passion, which I have taken from my own book, Demon Within and re-wrote for Dany and Drogo fans is just a small sample from the book, and while it is NOT anything to do with Mr Momoa or Game of Thrones, I know you will relate to Kai of Darkmide and the story.

Water lapped gently against the sides of the copper bath. Drogo sighed as the light captured silver hair draping over the edge towards the floor; Dany was a rare beauty, even if she didn’t fully understand what effect she had on him. Her innocent glances and smiles as he perched in the open window frame were driving him crazy.

‘Why are you grinning?’

He wondered if he should tell her. Drogo inclined his head. ‘Just the sight of you bathing, I know you are happy… and I it makes me happy too.’

Giggling and smoothing the wash cloth up her arm, letting the warm water caress her skin, Dany continued to bathe.

‘I should get out, I’m starting to wrinkle.’

Drogo’s eyes widened when she leaned back against the tub, arching her back and sighing, her breasts rose from beneath the water, making Drogo wish he was in there with her.

He pushed away from his perch and slowly moved towards her. Kneeling, he pulled shimmering locks of her hair through his fingers; soft and silky, silver and white, he could look at it all day.

Quickly pulling a leather strap from one of his braids and holding it between his teeth, he braided the thick mass of hair. Drogo inhaled deeply while playing with the long tresses, tying it securely with the leather, he pulled it through his hands once more before letting it fall.

After rising and taking a towel from the dresser, Drogo held it wide and waited for Dany to leave the comfort of her bath.

‘Let’s go and have breakfast, I’m starving.’

Dany rose, her skin flushed and warm; he purred while watching the droplets of water trickle over her breasts. With strong arms, he enveloped her, holding her tight against him, he began drying her then relaxed his hold as he fell to his knees. Patting her delicate skin his concentration made Dany smile as she stared down.

He performed his task with enthusiasm, not missing any area, and Dany wondered if this was common practice. Drogo gently nudged her legs and grinned wickedly.

‘Open your legs wider.’ His hands moved higher and patted gently on her most sensitive area, his eyes had a feral look about them; they matched his carnal smirk.

‘Are you going to do this every time I take a bath?’ Dany nibbled her lip.

Drogo didn’t look at her and continued working. He was now concentrating his efforts on her legs and feet. She giggled when he raised her foot, and she steadied herself by resting her hands on his shoulders.

‘It depends.’

Dany’s brows rose. ‘On what?’

‘On whether I get to taste you afterwards.’

Throwing the towel to the side and without warning Drogo’s fingers trailed up her inner thigh and brushed against her intimately. She gasped and flinched at his touch, her body humming with excitement and growing exhilaration.

Soft lips complimented the fleshy pad of his fingertips, followed by an eager tongue lazily sliding between her folds. Dany gripped his shoulders then moved one hand to his head, letting her fingers tangle in his hair.

‘Drogo…’ Breathy and barely audible, Dany could hardly speak.

Hips involuntarily ground against his mouth and without realizing, she found herself tugging at his hair, making him work harder. Drogo’s hot breath fell against her already sizzling flesh; lapping feverishly, his tongue searched every crevice to taste her.

‘I thought you… were hungry?’ Sighing heavily, Dany could hardly catch her breath.

Drogo’s voice was husky, throaty; words a whisper, as he nestled his face between her legs.

‘I am.’

His tongue flicked against her hardening nub, sending a sensual shock through her.

If  you’d like to read the rest….click Mirishka on Fanfiction for all of my Momoa fanfics..



My book, Demon Within is an epic fantasy filled with plots & schemes, secrets & lies and sizzling bedroom scenes to equal Game of Thrones!! It is currentlyDemon Within FB size in the top 100 audio books on Amazon narrated by Scott Richard Ehredt…and the dream of a movie is ever in my head, here are my thoughts.



There can be only ONE actor to play Kai of
Darkmide.. although at a pinch, I could stretch to two…who??

JASON MOMOA for Kai of Darkmide.

Standing six feet seven, a wall of muscle graced with tanned skin that glowed beneath the morning sun, Kai was a rare breed. Handsome, despite the scars across his chin and brow, his features are stunning. The mesmerizing stare from deep green eyes pierce through to the soul. Dark blonde hai12033526_1676504469232731_868521424_nr falls past his shoulders; a few small sections are braided, and fastened by leather threads and beads. Highlighted with silver and gold strands that, when caught by the gathering breeze, shimmered in the sun’s rays like a sea of gems. On his massive arms Kai wore large, ornately decorated bands of gold, fashioned especially for him by the smiths of Darkmide.

You see it?? I do…every goddam day!!!

 EMILIA CLARKE for Eloise of thr_emilia_clarkeBrightstone.

Eloise was gifted like her mother, able to control the elements; making snow or hail, forming rain clouds or bringing wind. It was a rare gift from her mother’s line going back generations.

When I was writing Demon Within, the image of Sabe was Luke Pasqualina, however, every time I wrote more lines Santiago Cabrera popped in my head… so..


santiago-cabrera-photo-6‘Not a good start to the day, but eventful at least.’ Sabe chuckled as he casually rested his boots on a stool and crossing one foot over the other, he poured wine from a pitcher on the table, ‘And there I was, thinking it would be a quiet morning.’

GEMMA ATHERTON is Sabe’s feisty sister, Kiera

Kai shook his head slowly. ‘This is going t6889115-gemma-artertono be a disaster, and if she resembles a cow’s backside in any way, I swear I’ll pay your sister to slice off your balls.’

‘Whose balls am I slicing off?’


CHRIS HEMSWORTH is Jace of Stonegarth (He is the 2nd choice for Kai, if Momoa is unavailable *snort*)

Her son, at six feet four inches, stood as tall as his father, but much broader and heavier built. There wasn’t a woman in the town that hadn’t fallen for his alluring smile, or his green eyes, laced with mischief. KNE6dYzPtEzwCa8_1_1ind and caring, Ellanor knew he would make a good husband to whoever snared him.

‘Which of the tanner’s daughters is drawing your attention, or are they both too tempting to choose just one?’

‘I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about mother.’ A mischievous grin breached his face as he bowed, then he made for the door.

We’re cookin now!!!!! There are quite a few characters in this epic story, and it deserves the very best of the acting world….just sayin’… but I digress….keep reading for more characters…

HAYDEN PANETTIERE is so cute, she is perfect for Nissa

Eloise reached for Nissa’s hand, and squeezed it tight while they watched Sabe leave.

‘He’s friendly.’ Her smirk
made Nissa giggle.

‘I agree, and dashing.’5.-Hayden-Panettiere

‘Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but he is attractive, I’ll give you that.’ She bumped her shoulder to Nissa’s. ‘I think he likes you.’

Nissa didn’t speak, but managed a blushing smile.

SCOTT RICHARD EHREDT  for Leon. (Listen to the audio version of Demon Within and you’ll know why)

Leon paused before turning to Roulan with raised brows. ‘I’ve taken every precauti10410983_10200398992454680_6941966794435742554_non I can. Your father is eager for this alliance and I’m told that Kai of Darkmide is equally keen to take a wife.’ Calmly turning back to the fire, he continued to move the ashes around. ‘I don’t see any problems.’


TOM HIDDLESTON for Roulan, Eloise’s brother

Roulan had always been wary of Leon; knowing his father preferred his company to his own, he was jealous4036532-5072186469-thor-. He strived to get his father’s attention, but always felt he was a disappointment. Now, it didn’t matter so much; detached and lacking of emotion towards his father, he concentrated his efforts on making his own mark on the world.

There are more characters that are involved in the main story, but too many to list…however…I feel the need to show you just one more character …. the angel Anael ….

LEE PACE  playing the angel Anael

He has a relatively small part in the first book, but trust me… he’s got a HUGE role in the last book!! Shhh…secrets…no spoilers….

‘ANAEL!’ tumblr_ms14j2kr8S1rc13aso1_500Kai cursed.

Kai’s head fell back in despair against the rocks where he rested, as rivers of tears flowed down his bruised cheeks.

‘You are hurting, Kai of Darkmide.’

Snapping his head towards the voice, Kai pushed away from the rock and gazed at the figure.

Appearing taller than himself and surrounded by a glowing light, the form of a man slowly appeared.

‘You are Anael?’

The seraph nodded and stepped closer.

Kai straightened when Anael edged nearer. The once scarred skin across his back tingled. Fully aware it was Anael who’d healed him after the battle with Adramelech, Kai could only assume his body remembered the effects of the healing from the seraph, and shivered at the sensation as it increased.

‘I need your help.’

Examining Kai’s bruised face and body, the angel cocked his head to the side, ‘So it would appear.’


What do you think? You like my choices??

I’m happy for Joss Whedon to have some part in the movie, and of course…the fabulously talented James Cameror Ridley Scott. *grins*  

I’m just going to wait… all back of the bus n shit for someone to buy the movie rights..then we are truly cookin!



Woohoo!! Amazon are on fire!! lmao!3 in one image testingwith filtersfb

The full series is now up on Amazon available in a box set called “Boxset:Fallen Angels Complete Set” and is priced at a reasonable #5.99 (each book to buy seperately is $2.99) so you save $3!

Demon Within, Angel Within and  Ascension Within…click the links and you’ll go to the pages where you can read synopsis and sneaky peeks for each book.



Hey Peeps!!

I’d like to welcome Scott Richard Ehredt as my first guest on my new site!

Scott is the narrator of Demon Within, and if you’ve heard the sample, you will appreciate how amazingly talented he is! He is an actor, a narrator, a speaker a singer, and much more. He has just released his first book, The Sacrificial Wolf, which is the first book in a series of three, and he’s joined us today to tell us a little more about it, and himself.

Hello Scott! Thank you for joining me, let us get started shall we?

I know a little about you because of our chats, but would you be kind enough to tell the viewers who you are, what you do, and what you are currently working on?

I’m a single male, living just outside of Los Angeles.  I like long walks on the beach and candlelight dinn….



That’s for a different website.

ROFLMAO!!! I would just like to mention at this point, that this man, is a nutter…and it’s probably why we get on so well. Please…continue.

As you mentioned, I’m an actor, narrator, singer, and, as of this month, an author!  I’ve been fortunate to have always made my living in one or another of these arts – which is no small task in Los Angeles.  Hollywood breeds more waiters, bartenders and valet-car-park-attendants than actors!  I was 10410983_10200398992454680_6941966794435742554_nEmceeing for a national touring company last year when some musicians in the show turned me on to ACX.  Once I realized that touring is not as much fun as it was when I was 20……   I came home, built a recording booth, registered on ACX and, thanks to wonderful authors like YOU…I’m off the road and narrating audiobooks!

Yay!!! *smug mode*

I have to tell you at this point…that as of today, we’ve sold 146 copies of the audiobook in 19 days!!!!(And I say ‘we’ because that’s how I think of the audio version, a joint effort.)  I am amazed and I truly believe, it’s because of Scott’s performance. Okay, we’re back on track now, and the real reason you’re here is to tell us about your latest book which has just been released.

Where did you get the idea for your book series? What or who was the motivation?

THAT is an odd story.  I was a huge fan of Ian Fleming’s Bond series and Forsythe, Ludlum, and other espionage/thriller authors.  So in the late 80s I got my first PC and promptly realized I didn’t know what the hell to do with it.  There wasn’t even internet yet!  I was fooling around with it, opened some programs, and found a word processor.  I thought….hmmmmmm…I should write a story.  I remember it so well….a black screen with green letters (I wish I could get Word to have that same look.  I LIKED IT!)  So I started an “improv.”  I wrote, “David Callen wasn’t sure what had awakened him.”  The name came out of nowhere and I had no outline or anything.  I just started to use my actor’s improv skills and off I went.  I eventually had to step back and figure some things out with a rough outline.  But writing, to me as an actor, is the ultimate improv.  You need a prop?  You write in the prop.  A location?  Boom!  You’re there.  The Walter Mitty complex is strong in me – so Callen and The Sacrificial Wolf came easy!

That’s amazing and shows how talented an actor you are because you could jump right in there!! I have read your book, and loved it, and I dare anyone to say they didn’t!

 When you made the decision to start narrating books, did you find it easy, given your acting background?

Perhaps not “easy”… but a lot of fun!  Yes, my training and experience as an actor really shortened the learning curve for the reading portion of the process.  I love it!  Each book is a one-man show – a tour de force and a lot of fun.  The editing and the whole production end is more like work.  With some great pointers from friends and the helpful folks at ACX, however, I was up and running in no time.  Acting IS fun, but it also involves a great deal of work and prep time.  Back stories and situations and such are where a voice comes from when one works as I do – from a “method” style of acting.  To just ‘put on a voice’ is cheating, in my world.  It has to come fSacrificial Wolf smaller imagerom within to be believable.  I also then ‘cast’ most of the characters.  So you may hear hints of familiarity in some of the voices – from Sean Connery and Richard Burton to Roger Moore and Liv Ullman.  But mostly, it’s just me.  The most challenging parts are the female voices.  I try to make the voice feminine, but have to be careful it is not a caricature of a female voice.  Again, if I achieve this, as I hope I do, it’s because it comes from within.  

I confess! I tried to listen to a very famous audio book about thrones and …chairs.. *grinning* and the narrator put on squeaky voices for the ladies…drove me I am pleased you realize that isn’t good, and make them listenable!

Your book has just released in both eBook and paperback, when can we expect an audiobook?

Ohhhhhhhhh damn.  I really want to do it!  But I have commitments for books two and three in another trilogy as well as books two and three in YOUR trilogy!  It’s certainly a very good thing to have work lined up for months in advance…but it will delay getting my own book done.  What is that old saying?  The farrier’s horse is never shod?  Yup.  It’s like that.  But I have to tell you, having finished Demon Within a month ago, I miss Kai and friends!  I’m REALLY looking forward to Angel Within!

*Feeling rather smug at that* I LOOOVe that you miss Kai and the gang… and I really can’t wait for you start Angel Within….once I’ve checked it for…overuse of certain phrases….shall we say?? lol

What makes you get up in the morning?

What the hell kind of question is that!?  Haha   Okay.  It’s a good one.  Well, I live blissfully alone.  And as Sartre said, “If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”  I love life and live it in good company.  I get up to do work I love…and to ride.  I seriously do live to ride.  I have two horses, aptly nam. ed Solitaire and Solitude, and they are always on my mind when I wake.

There’s nothing wrong with being alone if you enjoy it and I confess, sometimes it’s good to be able to hear yourself and not others. Iam a horse lover and envy that you have two horses and are able to ride out in the dessert.

So back to writing…How soon may we expect book two from your series?

If you could clone me please, or add another 12 or so hours to each day, I’d say soon!  But probably sometime in 2016 is more realistic.  It’s fully written in my head and about half written on paper.  I’m looking forward to finding a month when I can disappear and visit my old friends David Callen and his daughter, Michelle.  I tend to obsess, BADLY when I get started…so I’m going to need to set aside time in a neutral space and just DO IT!  The good news is that when those circumstances are right, it pours out onto the paper pretty quickly.

This is good, and I agree. You cannot force yourself to write…I know peeps do…but I truly believe it’s better if you just let it come when it’s ready! Good luck with that Scott, I know I’ll be waiting to get my grubby mits on it.

Are there any people who you’ve met, that have inspired you, either in your acting, or in your personal life?

Too many to name and too much danger of leaving someone out if I do!  But I will say that, as an actor, I learn a little something from EVERY person I meet and every personal experience.  An actor is like a chameleon or a sponge.  We soak up as much of humanity as possible.  I remember a
wonderful university professor named Knox Fowler.  When my grandfather died, I went to the funeral about 90 minutes away from the university.  Knox was going to be passing through and offered to give me a ride back.  As he drove, it was very quiet in the car and I was looking out the window thinking of my grandfather – remembering his life and mourning the loss.  Knox reached over and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I don’t mean to be crass, but remember this.  Remember everything you’re feeling.  It’ll come in handy one day.”  I did.  It has. 

That was a powerful statement on his behalf, and I totally agree given your career. Fabulous. I know you don’t like to expose yourself, *snort*, but given you’re an author now, pimping is part of the deal… so…spill…What do you do when you’re not writing or narrating?

I ride my horses.  Or hang out at the beach on occasion.  But mostly, I ride…sometimes in the mountains for days on end.  I’ve been married 5 times but Solitaire, at 13 years, is my longest consistent female relationship. HA!  She is my girlfriend.  And her son, Solitude, is my best friend. 

Oooooh!!!!  She’s a nice filly then? Well, I guess you just like the taste of wedding cake?

When you’ve finished with the Blood Trilogy, what will you be writing next? Do you have anything in the pipeline?

I do!  It’s fiction, but mostly based in fact -the history of my parents and their families during the WWII era.  It’s called Stars in the Window.  Over the last 15 years, I’ve written disjointed chapters here and there.  It’s going to be epic…if and when I stitch them all together with a coherent plot. 

That sounds very interesting and I believe already it’s going to be well received.

Scott, you are a wonderful person and every day since we met via ACX I enjoy our chats and giggles. I have enjoyed interviewing you immensely, and hope you will return after you finally get that 2nd book written? Also, you and I have another appointment with Kai and the gang so maybe we can have a little tete-a-tete then?

You can purchse Scott’s book The Sacrificial Wolf from Amazon on eBook and paperback.

Scott’s acting reel on youtube

You can follow him on Twitter @scott_ehredt




Good day to you all!

Once I’m organized, *grins* I will have a page dedicted to ‘Awesome Authors’ and on that page will be listed the fabulous peeps who I consider to be amazing!. So for now, until I get that sorted, I’m going to make a blog post of someone who will be on it!

I’m proud to call this fabulous author ‘friend’. She has a heart of gold, puts herself out for other indie authors, friends and bloggers… and I love her to bits. Please welcome, the fabulous, the wonderful writer of hot-fairie-sex… Mistral Dawn!

I will be interviewing her later, but for now I’d like to show you her wares…*giggle*

Please check out her snippets, and if you want a passionate, fairy-BDSM-read, then go and buy her books!!!

You can get in contact with Mistral, or just follow her, on any of the following links.



Twitter: mistraldawn

Amazon Author Page:  Amazon Author Page

Now, about those synopsis forher books….

Taken By The Huntsman:

Discarded and ignored by those around her for most of her life, Cassie is a lonely human woman struggling to find her place in the world and meaning in her life. Cadeyrn is the Erlking,
TakenbytheHuntsman Amazonthe leader of the Wild Hunt, a hundreds of thousands of years old Fae who has always known his purpose. He has spent his entire long existence tracking the criminals of Fairie and punishing them for their crimes.

While hunting for the murderer of a child who has escape
d to Earth Cadeyrn comes across Cassie and realizes that she is the one that the great mother goddess has designated as his soul mate. He kidnaps her and takes her to his fortress in Fairie to protect her from his many enemies. He
knows she will be angry and that and he’ll have to work to earn her trust, but he finds his task to be even more challenging than he had thought it would be due to Cassie’s difficulty in opening her heart.

Will Cadeyrn be able to convince Cassie that the bond between them is real and earn her love?

Bound By The Summer Prince:

The Summer Court is in an uproar. The king has just been executed for unpardonable crimes, and the queen is prostrate with grief over his loss. This leaves the Summer kingdom bereft of true leadership; a problem which is compounded by the fact that the laws of Fairie require balance to be maintained by having a male and a female ruler for both Season Courts at all times. Uaine, the Summer prince, is the only one who can put things right, but he is without a
BoundByTheSummerPrince Amazon2mate. Knowing that he must take a bride quickly, for the sake of his people, even though he is struggling with his own feelings of pain and anger over his father’s treachery, he goes for a walk in a forest near the palace to try to clear his head and determine how best to choose a female to rule beside him.

While walking Uaine discovers a human female running loose in Fairie, which is against the most basic tenets of Fae law. Furious at one more problem he must deal with, he takes her prisoner and locks her in the dungeon; only to discover later that she is his soul-mate. The magical bond between them means they are meant to be together forever, but humans can’t feel the magic of Fairie. Will Uaine be able to win her heart and convince her that she can trust him to keep her safe from all the dangers of Fairie…including himself?

Roni is a human con woman and petty thief. Having run afoul of the local crime syndicate in the city where she is staying, she finds herself running for her life. Trouble is no stranger to her, but when she falls through a hole in a wall and finds herself in a world with carnivorous trees and rocks that eat people she realizes she may have found more of it than she can deal with. Rescued/arrested by the prince of the Summer Court, it doesn’t take long for her to formulate a plan to use him to get herself home. Unfortunately for her, she soon finds that her heart, which she had thought long ago turned to stone, has begun to feel the love she has been playing at. Will she be able to overcome a lifetime of caution and allow herself to follow her heart? Can a criminal love a cop?

Intrigue In The Summer Court

Jillian knows something bad is going to happen! She has been a loyal adviser to the throne and friend of the queen, Briallen, for thousands of years, and now Roni and Uaine’s wedIntrigue In The Summer Court Coverding and coronation are to take place in just a couple days. The Summer Court will have a new king and queen, who, it is hoped, can repair the damage and heal the schism the late king created.

But Jillian can’t shake the fee
ling that trouble is brewing. Many of the Summer nobles aren’t happy about the changes that are taking place in the Summer Court, and many of the other Fae just aren’t too sure about having a human on the throne…even if she has been blessed by the goddess. When Angelica, the leader of the Pixies, comes to her with news of a plot to murder the prince and princess, Jillian’s suspicions are confirmed. Will the two of them be able to unravel this conspiracy in time to save the
royal couple? Or will prejudice prevail, and the hope for peace in Fairie be lost forever?



Hey Peeps!!

Wooohoo!!! Ascension Within, third and final book in the Fallen Angels Series is live and available to purchase on Amazon

Here’s the synopsis, and a sneaky peek…but I don’t want to give you any spoilers in case you’ve not read Demon Within and Angel Within.

Ive also included and extra bonus novella at the end of this book…and also I’ve just uploaded the full series in one ebook, which should be available in a few hours!

Ascension Within – synopsis

The story continues from book two, Angel Within, where we left Eloise in a state of unrest at Kai’s disappearance. Confused by overwhelming emotions of despair and betrayal over losing her lover to the depths of hell, Eloise finds inner strength, and rages with determined purpose to aid her husband’s release from the fiery prison.

Together with her comrades, and the angel, Anael, she makes her plan to rescue Kai, but as always with the dealings of angels, it is not so easy. After Anael reveals more secrets regarding
sept 21st working ascension coverFBEloise and Kai’s past, she feels betrayed and hurt. Lashing out at the Angel, she condemns his actions and his interferences with the lives of mortals.

The battle is on to release Kai, and to save humanity from Nivel, a dark angel, who plays a game with the lives of humans as the prize. Aided by the witch, Jana, he strives to win a game that he and Anael began over 25 years ago. Now the conclusion is finally ending, and whoever wins, will rule over the earth, while the other will reside in hell. As always with the fight against good and evil, there is a catch, and the fate of man rests only if Anael is victorious.

Ascension Within has more secrets and plots, just as with Demon Within, and Angel Within. Together with sensual, erotic bedroom scenes, and an adventure that will keep you guessing, you will be riveted to the sofa to hear the conclusion of this saga.

The Fallen Angels series is a story of love, passion, and the battle of good versus evil, and loyalty.

Ascension Within will be available in paperback in a few more days



Who’s the first to be added to the page AWESOME AUTHORS ?

Hey peeps!

Today I’m going to make a post concerning someone very special. She’s a wonderful, good hearted, talented lady, and I’m proud to call her my adopted sis. Barbara and I met after I’d written my first book, and we became BFF’s. She is now one of my beta/editors, and I don’t know what I would do without her. So, I’m going to make her post the first to be put on my Awesome Authors page.

Please welcome….Barbara Chioffi!!!!

Barbara has written two books so far, although I know she has a few projects which she is currently working on. So here are her stories, please check them out. She’s a fabulous writer!

Angel Mine

Jeza is a gorgeous redhead with a broken heart. One afternoon, she meets a handsome stranger at a local gun range and the sangel mine22parks fly.
Instant attraction results in a hot romance, but trouble looms on the horizon. Her former abusive boyfriend returns to reclaim her with dangerous intent.

Available on AMAZON

Lycan Love

Julia Monroe has been wandering all her life…from one foster home to another, then one job to another. She meets a wealthy man, Robert Flannery, who becomes her employer. His son, Justin, is attrac

ted to Julia, but has a secret she needs to know. lycan love fbsizeOne evening, he reveals himself to her; first as his wolf persona, then in his human form. As their relationship develops, Julia learns more
about the secrets the Flannerys hold…ones that will lead to love, friendship, and danger. Due to sexual content, recommended for 18 and older.

Available on AMAZON


Follow Barbara on her AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE

or on her BLOG:








Hey peeps,

I’m very happy to announce that Ascension Within, third book in the Fallen Angels series will becoming in just a few days!

Editing has gone well, and I’ve only a few more tweaks to make and then it’s going up to Amazon.

I’ve written a short novella at the end of the story, which tells of how it all began. I can’t post a sneaky peek, because it will reveal spoilers which are going to come out in the book.

sept 21st working ascension coverFB


Demon Within sitting at #30 in #Amazon #paranormal #top100 #audiobook Charts

I believe a “Yeeeehaaa” is in order!

Demon Within Audio book, narrated by Scott Richard Ehredt is moving up! I can’t tell you what it means to me, Demon WIthin was my first novel, and the 2nd book in the series, Angel Within will be soon to join the audio market.


I am in the process of releasing the third book in the series, Ascension Within, and Scott has already agreed he’s in this for the series… this space!


Demon Within #audiobook available

Hey Peeps!

Thank you for joining me on my official website! I want to tell you about the lastest project which is taking off fabulously!! Demon Within is available in audiobook, and it’s narrated by a wonderful actor called Scott Richard Ehredt.

The #audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes, and Scott will be starting Angel Within in just under 3 weeks.

Here’s a link to two samples on soundcloud, one is the official sample, while the other is a sexy teaser.

I am currently running a competition, or promotion on my facebook author page, where I’m giving away 3 copies of this audio book. All you have to do is log into your Amazon account and put Demon Within Audiobook on your ‘wishlist’…then go to the post pinned on the top of my Facebook Author page and type ‘Done’ in the comments. I will choose  3 winners at random on 1st October, when I release Ascension Within!