Angel Within – Meet Nazar – A New Warrior

Introducing Nazar –   A new warrior in the Fallen Angels Series – Angel Within – Book Two

Nazar recently moved to Blackhill after leaving his home in the east a few years earlier. He had travelled to lands in the west because details of Kai’s triumph over the fallen angel, Adramelech, had reached his ears. Eager to find adventure he’d sought out Sabe. After discovering Kai had moved to Brightstone to take up the throne with Eloise, as his queen, Nazar inquired if there was need of a skilled swordsman. Sabe advised a position had just become available. When Nazar showed off his skills with bow, sword, and spear, Sabe eagerly offered him the position. His throwing aim was unmatched by anyone.nazar promo for angelwithin

As tall as Sabe and with long, black hair falling past his waist, the younger females at the house fussed around him. It was unclear whether it was his chiseled features and winning smile or his lean physique that attracted them. Often exercising in the courtyard, bare from the waist up and displaying intricate tattoos covering his back, he always drew in a crowd.

His fighting techniques were unlike anything anyone had seen at Blackhill.

ANGEL WITHIN – 2nd book in the Fallen Angels Series