Angel Within Fantasy book

It’s great to be involved with other bloggers and authors and I was very pleased to take an interview with author Rose Montague for her blog.


1. Thank you for joining us for Witch Month at Fantasy Fun Reads! It looks like Angel Within features both a good witch as well as an evil one. Tell us a little about those two characters.

Thanks for having me! My two witches are Jana, a very beautiful but wicked witch, and Sian, a timid young woman who due to unfortunate circumstances, ends up in Jana’s coven. Jana has a mission, in fact she has a few. I have to be careful not to give too many spoilers but her first objective is to raise Samyaza, the most powerful of the fallen angles. She is getting a little inside help, but…this will be revealed in book three, Ascension Within. This witch has her eyes set firmly on Kai, our hero, and she will stop at nothing to get him where she wants him. (If I tell you where she wants him, it will blow her cover, lol.)

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