Pre made book covers

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I’ve created this ebook cover and named it “Streetwise” – It could streetwisefb-watermarkedbe used for Urban Fantasy, Chick lit, Young adult, take your pick!

This piece is going for $50 – If you need a paperback, that will be $75.

All covers are created using purchased stock images and all fonts are either free to use commercially or purchased.



Pre Made Fantasy Cover

Hey peeps!

I confess I’ve not had time to make any pre made covers recently, but

while  I was waiting for my internet to return to full speed, I thought I’d chill out with photoshop and do some

I only managed one! This is a fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult…anything really…I personally love the colors…I’m into blue at this moment. You can purchase this beauty for just $35

Hearts on Fire Books – Facebook Group for Romance & Erotica

Here’s a message from author Jordan Buchanan

The Indie author community lost part of its heart when John Tucker passed away in June. He was a great writer, friend, and host of the successful Damn, That’s Hot Erotica events. With that in mind, I’ve created a new group—Hearts on Fire Books—as a place to carry on with what John taught me and continue building a community for those who love romance and erotica. We can never duplicate his DTHE events, but once the HoF ranks have swelled, we’re going to give it one hell of a try.Hearts on Fire Books

Won’t you join us?

Chicanery by Barbara Chioffi is out now!

It’s release day for Chicanery by Barbara Chioffi – Get your copy via Amazon 

This is a collection of eight twisted tales of the unexpected. The stories are completely different from anything you’ve read previously and I know you’re going to enjoy them.


Here’s a sneak peek from one of the stories

Bees Knees

Larry visited Cora once a week on Saturdays, but never stayed long. Bored with his mother’s aging mentality, he would raid the refrigerator, doing what he had always done, helping himself. Cora, who no longer drove, relied on Larry to do the grocery shopping, and he took advantage of the opportunity to buy for himself and provide Cora with only what he thought she needed. It was a sad commentary. He had no idea what she liked, never having thought of anyone but himself. If she requested something, he would conveniently forget. After some time, she took what he brought her and said nothing.

He lived off the proceeds from the sale of her house, receiving a generous monthly allowance. Her lawyer was well acquainted with Larry and knew he thought himself entitled to whatever his mother had. Larry spent the money on whatever he wanted—a nice apartment and a new car. It was a blessing that he had no access to her sizeable bank account. At the end of every month, he would ask her for extra to tide him over.

Cora had limited conversations with her son during his weekly visits. He would talk as little as possible and exit with what he had pilfered. She sighed with relief each time he left. As a parting shot, he always slammed the door behind him. Smiling to herself, she would raid her hidden stash of goodies, bought by the pleasant neighbor in the next apartment.

Not long after Cora moved in, a woman her age had rented the other side of the duplex. Evelyn and Cora entered into a relaxed friendship with morning coffee followed by their favorite TV shows. They had a mutual agreement, she and Evelyn—secret goodies in exchange for tending the garden. If it was one thing Cora had retained, it was her green thumb. Evelyn had devoted a small room in her apartment to a variety of plants, especially flowering ones. A screen door had replaced the traditional one, and the women could watch the activity as they visited and drank their morning coffee. The one window remained open giving insects, mostly bees, access to the nectar therein. The women would water the flowers while the bees merrily buzzed, never stinging either of them. All of this, they kept from Larry. Not having access to Evelyn’s apartment, he was unaware of the haven the women had dubbed the “Bees Knees.”

During an afternoon visit, Cora discovered a small hive under construction in a large potted tree Evelyn had placed in a corner. Both women watched with wonder. The hive began to grow as bees flew in and out of the window. Cora remembered the small hive in her former hothouse and wondered if the bees were transferring their residence. Recalling the mutual respect she had shared with the bees, she hoped they had followed her to regain that closeness. Nature amazed her in its variety and purpose.

One Saturday morning, as Cora was getting dressed, Larry burst through the door, his face contorted in anger. “Mother, where’s my allergy pen. One of those bees just stung me. Hurry. I don’t feel so good.”

Cora ran to her medicine cabinet, took the pen, and returned to the living room. Larry grabbed it and jabbed it into his arm. He sat on the sofa, waiting for it to take effect. His color returned and he sighed. After letting loose a barrage of expletives, he said, “The next time I come, I’m bringing insect spray. I’m going to kill every one of those damn menaces.”

This frightened Cora. If there was anything left in her life she loved, it was those bees. She had dreaded his being stung for she knew the next time she saw him, he would be covered from head to toe with protective gear as he methodically killed her friends. Cora soothed him as best she could, not relishing his temper. “Son, it was a freak encounter. It won’t happen again.”

“Don’t hand me that, mother. They were swarming around me as if they had been waiting. I’m coming tomorrow. There won’t be one left when I’m done.”

Sitting in her recliner after Larry left, Cora shared her fear with her friend, who had just arrived. “Evelyn, I am more upset than I’ve been in years. Larry is coming this weekend, armed with enough poison to kill every bee for miles. I can’t let that happen.”

“I agree, Cora. Those bees are the most important part of our lives. They give us such joy and I feel they love us just as much as we love them.”

“We can’t give them up.” An unwavering resolve settled on Cora’s face.

She and Evelyn discussed the issue at length and decided on a course of action together. Not what she wanted, but it had to happen. Entering the garden room, they warned the bees, hoping their thoughts and words were carried on the wind.


Larry walked with purpose to the front of his mother’s apartment building. He was ready for battle. Strange, no bees were there–not a single one. The sun was shining and the flowers were in full bloom. Where were those annoying pests?

Draped in layers of covering, all one hundred and twenty pounds of his scrawny body was covered in sweat. He waited several minutes, then growling to himself, he went inside. Cora sat in her recliner, drinking her morning coffee. Larry removed all but his jeans and T-shirt and dropped the paraphernalia on his mother’s carpet. “I don’t understand it, mother. There were no bees. I’ll wait a while. Perhaps they’ll be out when the sun is hotter.”

Going to the kitchen, he poured himself his usual glass of tea. As he gulped it down, a smile graced Cora’s face. Waiting patiently, she watched as he began to relax.

“You know, mother, I was thinking about having you move closer to me.” He yawned. “There are some small apartments about a mile away. It would certainly save me trekking out here every weekend.”

Cora knew of the apartments he mentioned. They were adequate, but small and for the first time, her irritation showed in the iron grip she had on her coffee cup. She nodded as she watched carefully, ignoring most of his jibes. Soon, his eyelids drooped. He was asleep. Her remedy to her situation was underway.

You can read the full story when you purchase Chicanery – Barbara Chioffi.

Meet Claire Plaisted – Author & Publisher

Hey Peeps!

Today I’ve got an interview for you with the lovely Claire Plaisted!


Welcome, Claire! Tell us where you are from and what you do.

My name is Claire Plaisted and thank you Julie for having me on your blog!  I am an Indie Author of various genres and also an Indie Publisher, assisting those authors who wish to have books to quickly engage the reader with a professional layout, book cover etc.Author Headshot

I was born in England, much to my dismay – I should have been born in North Wales, bah humbug that my parents decided to have an early summer holiday.  I grew up in the small historical town of Sandbach where ghosts abound.  Surrounded in history, and growing up in my ancestors’ shoes was awesome. The history grabbed my attention and developed into a hobby of Family History Research. I moved to Colwyn Bay, living there for four years, not realizing my grandparents were buried there.  During this time, I had a holiday to New Zealand (much to my father’s shock I went on my own). It was here I met my future husband. Within two years I was living in New Zealand, married and today we have three out of four beautiful children – Young adults more like.

During this time, I started my family history hobby in earnest.  Looking into my husband’s past.  Due to all the research I was invited to do a reunion book for one family line and my formatting business was born. I researched and formatted a book for a gentleman’s 80th birthday, whilst waiting for information I opened a word document and my very first book was born.  This is Crosswick Manor to be published later this year.  Since this time I have published over 16 book in various genres and under a few pen names.  Those pen names are Beth Bayley – romance and Kayleigh Broughton – historical.

This year I graduated with a Certificate in Small Business Management – Level 4. I had never thought I would attend college again, let alone pass.  This year I am doing my Diploma in Small Business Enterprise – Level 5.

claire plaistedThat is impressive, Claire. Congratulations! With regard to your novels, what genre do you write in?

Well that is a question and a half.  I write in most main genres. However, I haven’t published in them all yet.  I have published Crime, Mystery, Paranormal, Erotic, Fantasy, Young Teen and Children’s a couple of short stories plus a few Anthologies.

A bit of everything then, eh? Can’t argue with that! What are you working on now?

What I should be working on is my Late Regency book which I wrote 4 years ago.  The Mystery at Croclaire plaistedsswick Manor is a story of the Manor and those who live and work there.  It has at least 5 couples’ stories which aPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00056]re explored.  There is no real lead protagonist, though if you needed two then I would probably pick Matilda Templeton and Gregory Appleby because the story revolves around them in quite a few areas.  I am also supposed to be working on my next Garrett Investigation Bureau Series which is due out for Christmas.  It is about Abraham and his past – This will be book 6 in the series.  Book two of my Girlie Adventures is due out in October.

Excellent!! Can’t wait to see that! What else are you doing, apart from writing?

I am drawing a book cover for my second ‘Girlie Adventure’ story.  It is a slow process due to not doing any art work for over two years.  I hope to get the main characters in the cover and then outline it and colour it in…The book is due out in October so fingers crossed this happens.

This is fabulous! So you’re an artist too? We have something else in common then. Now I know you are a very generous person and have a number of charity books, tell us about those.

Girlie Adventures will be a series of books about a young blue lady bug who lives in a cottage garden.  She is friendly and helpful and in her first adventure she sets out to rescue her best friend – Grassi the grasshopper. Along the way she makes a few discoveries.

Each book covers an important part of growing up.  Book one is Healthy eating and forty percent of net profit will go to ‘Chasing a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  Book two is about kicking and biting, forty percent will go to a dental charity.  Book three is for the Black Rhino and will help teach children how precious our wildlife is. Book four is about some bullies who end up been heroes’. Book Five is one about thieves with proceeds to go to neighbourhood support. Book six is about Rainbows…Only the first three have been written and as the ideas arrive another book is added.

This is my way of helping small charities get support.

That is fabulous. Bless you.

What are your goals in terms of publishing for authors?

Plaisted Publishing House is my main business.  My goal is to have a wage.  What I would like to do in the meantime is get as many Indie Authors published by assisting them with professional formatting. I have recently set up package deals to assist authors and small Indie Businesses.  These packages will have areas of expertise contracted out to those who have the amazing professional talents needed to help authors who don’t have the knowledge or expertise needed.  More info on package deals can be found here.

All copyright stay with the author as do all royalties.  You only pay us once, which is before final files are sent.  Each author and or indie business will be offered a contract to do work as work comes in.

Plaisted Publishing House also offers a yearly Sponsorship for full length novels with a prize package of over $500 dollars for first prize and $200 towards formatting for second prize. Details will be added here for 2017 in January.

I also produce a by monthly newsletter called Indie Publishing News.  This is a 30 plus page newsletter showing new releases, interviews, charity work from authors, business interviews, free books, etc.  You can sign up here:

For those who are sight impairments and or blind you will need this link which is for Screen Readers

The group associated with this Newsletter is called is on Facebook and called Indie Publishing News.  Here Indie Authors and Small Businesses can receive FREE Marketing once they sign up for the newsletter.  If they wish to have repeat marketing, then there will be a small charge.  This is open to the whole group.  We also encourage people to post under headings which have been set up so please have a good look at the site before you post.

Ghostly Writes is our NEW yearly Anthology for anyone who likes spooky short stories. This is the group for you. At present it is FREE to participate and the eBook will be FREE to Readers.  If you wish to join in, please go to this link.

As a publisher I have had 23 clients so far, though if I include all those in the Awethology books I could say over 70 clients.  The Awethology is the biggest book I have done to date with over 50 authors in two books and around 600 pages in each book.  They are free to download on Amazon, Smashwords and most online stores.

This is so cool! You’re helping other indie authors to get a leg up on the ever increasingly difficult ladder, which is fabulous. Thank you so much Claire for dropping by!

Peeps!! You can find out more, and contact Claire on the links below.


Thank you for joining us Claire!

Thank you again Julie Nicholls for sharing this article on your Website.  You are awesome.  I enjoy working with you.

 You are most welcome♥

COVER REVEAL – Barbara Chioffi

Hey peeps!!

I’ve got a cover reveal for you today from author Barbara Chioffi. This lovely lady has a knack for writing short, wickedly twisted stories and she’s got a new book due out shortly.Cover by

Chicanery is the title and there are eight short stories to get your teeth into. These are a collection that Barbara has been working on over the summer and I’m thrilled to be able to post the cover I made for her.

Chicanery – Barbara Chioffi

What finds you in the night?

Chicanery is a collection of eight horror tales, each with a little bit of underhanded deceit and enough
of the macabre to have you looking over your shoulder.

Who knows what awaits us as we go about our daily lives, unaware of what exists alongside us. In these
tales, you will find a bit of betrayal, a snippet or two of terror, and a lot of comeuppance. Oh, and because
I’m the author, a good dose of helpful spirits.

Check out Barbara’s Amazon author page