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I’ve put up another of the Fallen Angels books on sale…Ascension Within is just 99c for today!

There’s fallen angels, magic, witches, more plots and schemes and the answers you’ve been waiting for.

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Adram smiled as he watched Kai sleep. Knowing he was dreaming of Eloise, he let him rest undisturbed. It was his sighing and the soft moans that gave it away. He’d watched him for the last hour, and when Kai finally woke with a start, he raised his brows.

“Dream of anything good?”

It took a moment for Kai to find his bearings, and seemingly in a daze, he slowly looked around the dark corner where he sat on the floor. It was too much to hope he was in a nightmare and was going to wake any moment. Stretching and yawning before replying, he felt happy.

“Eloise. I dreamed of our test at the temple of truth.” Kai sighed and rested his head against the wall. He paused and let the last remnants of the fading dream fill his mind.

“I’m sure she’s dreaming of you too.”

Kai found comfort hoping that was true. He missed her so much and believing he would see her again soon brought comfort. However, that wouldn’t be until he could escape his prison. Remembering the time difference between the earthly realm and where he and Adram resided, he wondered how long had passed, and what she and her friends were doing. He hoped they were looking for a way to free him and chuckled. Thoughts of Sabe driving everyone insane with ill-timed humor was most definitely getting on peoples nerves by now. He knew him too well to expect anything less, but this, again, brought peace to his troubled mind. Glancing over to Adram, he at least was thankful for someone to talk with. Albeit a man he’d despised since learning of his existence. However, he did come to his aid when called, and Kai was thankful. He wondered if he should try to get to know him a little more. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t care to know about his father’s past, but since they had time to kill, and admitting he was a little curious, he swallowed is pride.

“Did you love my mother?”

“I still do.” Adram smiled. “I have never stopped.”

Surprised at his answer, Kai continued his questioning. “Doesn’t it bother you to know she’s with someone else?”

“What choice do I have?” Adram paused. “I know she is well-loved. Caster is a good man, and as much as I would love to have a reunion with her, it would be unfair. Anyway, do I appear to have the freedom to come and go as I please?” He pointed to their surroundings and smirked. “I am still bound here, and even if I was not, I would not visit Ellanor. It would cause too much pain.”

Kai nodded in agreement. He’d only known his mother a short time, but he’d come to know her and Caster enough to understand they loved each other. He appreciated Adram’s honesty and understood how difficult it must be for him. “When I told Nazar I would follow Samyaza back here; I expected it would be forever. I would rather choose that fate for myself, than have Eloise and Charlain be in danger for the rest of their lives.”

paranormal fantasy author
Ascension Within

“Your act was out of love for your wife and child, and there is no greater reason to make such a sacrifice. I am proud of you.” Adram hesitated and hoped one day Kai would feel the same about him. “I will do everything I can to aid your return to her.”

“Thank you.” Kai sighed. All the bitterness and resentment he’d had since learning who his father was had lessened over the last few weeks. He’d aided him when he’d asked, and while Kai still wasn’t able to trust him completely, he was making an attempt. “If you could turn back the time, would you choose a different path?”

Adram shook his head gently. “No, I would not. Although I do admit I would be more careful.” He grinned, and Kai nodded in agreement.

“There are a few things I would change, if I could.”

“Tell me.”

Kai sighed deeply and recalled the last day he and Eloise were together. If he could have that moment over, he would tell her what he was about to do. Not so he could be dissuaded, but so she would know how much he loved and cared for her safety. He felt a sharp pain across his chest, as though his heart would break any moment; he longed to see her. Wishing time would pass even more quickly in his prison; he shook his head at Adram’s question.

“I should have trusted Eloise with the truth about what I was doing.”

“Do you think the outcome would have been different?” Adram slanted his head to the side, curious to understand Kai’s psyche.

“No.” He sighed. “But at least she wouldn’t hate me.”

“You believe she hates you? Why would you think that?”

“I know she’ll be cursing me and angry that I didn’t trust her enough to tell her.” He raised both brows. “She can be quite feisty on occasion.” Kai chuckled.


Ascension Within is FREE to read with Kindleunlimited and is also available in paperback and audiobook

ANGEL WITHIN #99c Fallen Angels Series

It’s sale time!



Angel Within is the 2nd
book in the Fallen Angels Series and from 22nd June until 24th
June you can get it for just 99c.

Need a sneaky peek?
Angel Within excerpt
urban fantasy paranormal romance author
Angel Within
The deserted courtyard suddenly filled with the sound of
hooves against the cobbles as Kai rode as close to the stone steps as he could
manage. His urgency was plain. Dismounting and leaving his horse unattended, he
kicked the feet of the sleeping guard in the doorway as he pushed the highly
decorated doors open.
It was barely dawn and not even the kitchen staff had risen
yet, but he wasn’t interested in food and marched towards the staircase. Taking
the stairs by twos, he hastened toward the bedroom.
Kai paused outside the door and kicked off his boots before
creeping inside the dimly lit room. The sparse glow from the few candles dotted
around had little or no effect and stepping cautiously, Kai tried to remain quiet.
A pungent aroma filled his nostrils, powerful and exotic; he’d never smelled
anything so strong and heady. Eloise loved candles and frequently sent Anna to
the chandler with specific requests to add sweet scented oils into the wax.
Glancing towards the bed, he smiled. Eloise lay fast asleep.
Pouring water into the bowl from the jug, he wetted a cloth
and began washing his hands and face. He pulled his shirt over his head and
unfastened the belt on his trousers.
“You’ve returned earlier than expected, husband.”
He turned with a start.
. She wore a thin nightgown, open at the front and only
fastened with a ribbon at her chest. Long hair cascaded past her shoulders to her
waist; she’d left it untied, just how he liked it. His eyes moved slowly
upwards to greet her smile.
“Eloise.” He rushed forward, his arms closed around her in aangel within 99c promo
bone-crushing embrace. “I’ve missed you.” Kissing her head, his hand smoothed
around her waist and squeezed her tightly. Soft groans fell against her neck as
he nestled his face close. “I was trying not to disturb you.”
“I must have sensed your return, I couldn’t find sleep.”
Eloise looped her arms around his neck. Her soft words filled his ears. “You
have no idea how eager I was for your return.”
Kai was unable to respond as the soft press of wet lips
caused his mouth to open when Eloise slanted her mouth over his. Her body
curled towards him as she pulled at his neck, locking their embrace. His cock
throbbed when Eloise ground her hips against him. Undone by her seductive voice

after she released her hold, Kai sighed deeply.

“I need you, come to bed.”
“Let me wash.” Kai attempted to push her away as he released
his hold, but she clung to him, desperately.
“No, I want you now, you smell like a man, a warrior… I
don’t want to wait. Come.”

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Demon Within is the first book in the series and is available to buy from Amazon and FREE to
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Cover Reveal for Newland Moon

Wooohooo! I’ve been itching to post this cover I’ve made for new author Newland Moon.

I love the colors and one of the big challenges was to change the hotties hair from black to white, but I’m really pleased with hot he turned out.rites of heirdron fb size

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Book covers by Julie Nicholls

New Hot n Sizzling Book Release from Jordan Buchanan

I’m handing my site over to author Jordan Buchanan today so that she can tell you about her latest book release!

On-the-Job Training: Probation Period

By Jordan Buchanan

Release June 7 on Amazon



On-the-Job Training is a new serial romance by Jordan Buchanan told in three episodes:  Orientation, Probation Period, and Permanent Position.  It’s the love story of architect John Mackenzie and his personal assistant, Laura Benson.  The two feel an instant attraction to each other from the moment he interviews her and after denying and fighting it for weeks, they give in to their desires and begin a torrid relationship.  Laura has finally found the Dom she’s always wanted and John the submissive he’s always needed.

They’re ordinary people with jobs, friends, and family and must find ways to fit in facets of the BDSM lifestyle along with the demands of everyday life. Laura faces telling her college-agehome for a visit, about her new “relationship status” as John, widowed for two years, is finally able to keep his last promise to his wife and scatter her ashes. And if paddles and floggers, children and siblings aren’t enough to handle, there’s Jacqueline Deane to contend with. The widow of John’s partner, she appears to be embezzling from Deane & Mackenzie…when she’s not busy antagonizing Laura and attempting to seduce John.

Warning: This title contains explicit sexual content and a healthy dose of humor.

Probation Period is the second installment of the OTJT serial; the third concluding episode, Permanent Position, will be released on August 7.jordan buchanan

Excerpt: John takes Laura on an interesting  shopping trip

When I pulled into the parking lot of the adult toy store where Evvie worked, Laura’s eyes grew big and round. “Is this the place you got …”

“Yes, ma’am, it sure is. Let’s go see if Evvie’s here.”

I led her into the den of iniquity; it was fun to watch her eyes darting from each item to the next. She yanked me to a stop at a display of flavored lubricants. “Bubble gum? Ooh, watermelon rock candy!”

That caught my ear, so I grabbed a tube. A familiar voice called out, “Well, if it isn’t Mr. John. And he brought his pretty lady with him this time!”

I turned to see Evvie, bearing down on us, a wide white smile on her coffee-colored face. “How could I stay away from a charmer like you, Miss Evvie?”

“Nobody can, Mr. John.” She grinned at me and tilted her head toward Laura. “And this is?”

“Where are my manners? Evvie, this is my girlfriend, Laura.”

“About time he brought you in, darlin’.” The plump woman squeezed Laura’s hand then tucked it into the crook of her arm. “Now you come with me and let Evvie show you the good stuff.”jordan buchanan

Laura glanced over her shoulder at me as Evvie pulled her along past displays of condoms—no, thank you very much—vibrators, magazines, and DVDs. I couldn’t tell if she was amused or terrified, but she followed the leader without complaint. Our hostess with the mostest finally halted in front of a large, locked glass cabinet containing leather goods—floggers, paddles, and whips from what I could see. Evvie produced a key from her pocket and unlocked the case releasing the heavenly smell of fine leather. The only scent I know of that’s more appealing to men is “new car.”

“I told Mr. John to bring you over to see these. The store owner found an honest-to-God leather artisan in Maryland that makes them. So much nicer and better made than that junk from overseas.” She reached for a black paddle that was hanging on a hook by its strap. “This is double leather, sewed, not glued, together with a hand-rubbed oak handle. Leather is more flexible than wood, obviously, and better for a beginner. And I bet you’re not far from being a newbie, Miss Laura?”

She nodded. I was getting a kick out of seeing her caught a bit off guard. Evvie had taken me by surprise on my first visit to the store too so I knew how Laura felt. She’d come around in a few minutes after she got over her initial shock.

“The only thing you need to keep in mind is no hitting the kidneys or anything else she says not to hit, Mr. John.” She tapped the end of the paddle against her palm. “These are made for be-hinds.” She emphasized both syllables of the word and we laughed.

“How do you suggest we start out, Evvie? I don’t want to hurt her. I mean, I want it to sting, but I don’t want to harm her.”

She gave me a wicked grin. “You let her whack you with it first.”

Laura gasped. “What?”

Evvie nodded vehemently. “Yes, ma’am. If he doesn’t know what it feels like, he won’t know how to gauge the force he puts into his swing.

Laura reached for it with tentative fingers, then wrapped them around the wooden handle and swished it through the air a few times.  A smile began slowly spreading across her face. “I think I can get be-hind that idea.”

Evvie snorted. “You got yourself a good one here, Mr. John. I can see she’s got a whole lotta spunk.”

I winked at Evvie. “Oh, honey, you don’t know the half of it. She’s the best brat ever.”

Laura shook the paddle at me. “You better believe it, Sir!”

“Why don’t I take that up to the counter with this lubricant while you two look around a little more?”

“Thank you, I’d appreciate that.” Evvie knew when she had a sale.


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