Hey peeps,

I thought I’d be nawty, and give you a few lines from my current work in progress… this is going to be a paranormal trilogy… possibly a series, we’ll see.

Meet, Keagen…

Sweat ran down the muscular back as Keagen pressed the female against the wall. A rock hard body, with perfect proportions and stamina that would outlast a team of football players was nowhere near to flagging. He’d been pounding the woman for the last hour, nonstop. The woman on the receiving end of his attention had cried herself hoarse, she needed to rest, but the hands cupping her ass supported her weight and only when he’d had enough, would he let her down.

With the air-con turned up high, the smell of fresh sweat and sex hung in the air. Keagen loved to fuck; he had some catching up to do after his sex-starved existence for the first part of his adult life. Puffing out a few quick breaths he built up his pace, he was ready for a beer and wanted the woman out of his room.