Sometimes tall, dark and handsome comes with baggage… the gun kind. Jessie prayed she would be rescued from the cage and the men that held her prisoner, but was she jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Jessie was young, financially stable and wasn’t happy about being locked in a cage, and her virginity was the only reason she was here. She’d woken in a dazed state, and as she listened to her abductors voices, she trembled with fear. What was to become of her? Would there be any way to escape? It was fortunate her captors had enemies, and she prayed she would find freedom rather than anything else. Was it out of the frying pan into the fire when the tall, dark stranger pointed a gun at her?


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Not For Sale

Jessie blushed. Luke removed his finger and caught one side of her panties… he pulled down and adjusting his position, freeing his other arm, he did the same on the other side. When he’d removed them he regained his position, nesting snuggly between her legs. Small kisses taunted her skin as he journeyed her inner thighs. As he closed in on her pussy, she tensed. Her hands reached down to his head and she let her fingers run through his soft hair. She could hear muffled breaths as he controlled his breathing. Low moans made her sigh; he was teasing himself as much as he teased her. She gasped loudly when the first caress of his lips swept across her wetness. It was understandable that lips as perfectly formed as his would feel so wonderful between her legs. He lapped up her juices and sucked gently, taking her labia into his mouth and tonguing the wet flesh as if he were eating a juicy peach. The sweet caress of his tongue licked the length of her pussy, causing her to whimper and sigh with each lash. He moaned against her clit when Jessie groaned.

Luke adorned her with his attention; he kissed her pussy the way most men only kiss women’s mouths. He loved the taste and smell of her. Fighting back the urge to take her mercilessly, driving his cock deep inside, was taking its toll. His breathing was fast, but he wanted her first experience to be memorable.


By Cristy on January 11, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

WOW! Awesome story! Loved it!! It’s got everything you want in a novel, compacted into a short story. I hope to find more of Julie Nicholls work. After reading Demon Within and now this short story, she’s made it to the top of my favorite author list.


Format: Kindle Edition

This may be a novella but dam the impact it has on you is stunning, don’t let the size fool you, it’s got a touch of danger, it’s hot and sexy as hell and you will definitely be hooked. It’s exceptionally well written and I would highly recommend it