Good Morning!!

That lovely lady, Grandma Peachy interviewed me…and she will be reviewing Ascension Within next week. This lovely lady has already reviewed Demon Within and Angel Within, you can check out her blog Peachy insights here.

Here’s a little bit of the interview..but check the link to read it all!!

I would like to thank author Julie Nicholls for being here with us again today. Welcome back Julie.12106967_1136348916393307_962739139061553120_n

GP: Julie was interviewed in September and answered many general questions for us. This week we are featuring the full Fallen Angels series with an emphasis on her final book “Ascension Within” that was recently published.

JN: Hi! Thank you for having me back!

GP: I’ve already reviewed the first two books, “Demon Within” and “Angel Within.” I will be reviewing “Ascension Within” this Friday. It took me a day or two to finish reading but I know the writing takes a long time. How long has this series taken in the completion from the beginning of Demon to publication of Ascension?

JN:  I started Demon Within in June 2014, It was released in Nov 2014 and I’m quite amazed I’ve managed to get all three out, plus a few smaller short stories in between!…...continue reading…..

Mwuah!! love me some Grandma Peachy!