Demon Within – Paranormal Fantasy Romance series

Demon Within is an epic fantasy filled with plot-twist, secrets, Lies and sizzling bedroom scenes. It’s the first book in the Fallen Angels series.

Synopsis for Demon Within

A former slave who is now a feared warlord, a princess, a king, angels and fallen-angels make this an epic romance you will love from the start.

When the Seraph ruled the heavens, a vain angel dared to risk everything for the love of a human and paid the price of eternal damnation.
Sold into slavery when he was six years old, Kai has never known love. As he reached maturity, his slavers realized Kai was no ordinary man. There was something else lurking inside. An uncontrollable force which feeds on his rage and anger giving him the advantage when thrown into the fighting pits of Darkmide to fight for his life. Here he learns that killing brings rewards when after each win he is given a female slave to sate his sexual needs.
After years of many victories and a life of pain under the lash, in a bloody battle Kai breaks free from his chains and releases all the slaves, and raging a war against the slavers, he kills them all. Closing down the goldmines in Darkmide, he vows no one else will die doing the backbreaking work of harvesting gold.
His deeds are famed throughout the lands, and after four years, he settles in Blackhill, a town not far from Darkmide, where he rules with a firm hand.

This paranormal fantasy romance will keep you guessing. Filled with plot twists, scheming, secrets and lies.
King Garlan from Brightstone, afraid of losing his throne to a threat from the Highlands, and hearing of Kai’s formidable reputation, sends his envoy to request an alliance with the infamous warrior. The agreement is to offer his daughters hand in marriage, Princess Eloise, in exchange for Kai’s support. Kai instantly falls for the beautiful princess and soon discovers he’s not the only one with a secret.
The princess holds a power gifted to females on her mother’s side by the seraphim. Controlled all of her life by her father and brother, Eloise is timid and shy, but she soon learns to overcome these traits.
The Highland Lord arrives in Blackhill and he meets with Kai and the king. Many secrets are revealed which bring answers to Kai’s lineage, though stubbornness causes him to discard them as false.
When an act of betrayal causes the alliance to break, Kai rejects Eloise. Stubborn and running away from confrontation, Kai is about to lose everything, and only his trusted friend, Sabe, shows him that his fears of dying alone will come to fruition unless he admits his need for love. Submitting to his needs, Kai and Eloise unite and the alliance forms once more.

A connection between Kai and a fallen-angel, who is systematically destroying all the nearby towns, is revealed, bringing the two of them together in a battle that could kill everyone in Blackhill and all those Kai cares for. He attempts to fight the fallen angel, but he is badly injured. In a twist of fate, Eloise is the key to aiding Kai and his friends to defeat the vengeful fallen angel.
Can Eloise save Kai and the town of Blackhill from the destruction of the fallen angel? What does the future hold for Kai?
Join Kai and his friends on an epic romance journey which takes you in to a world of angels and fallen angels, plots, twists, and love and passion.

Book Two of this series is called Angel Within-paranormal fantasy romance

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Demon Within Paranormal Fantasy Romance
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Excerpt from Demon Within, A story of Angels & Fallen Angels,

Book 1

Kai had slept soundly and he’d woken up later than he wanted. He was thankful to Sabe for sorting out the carriages as he watched them carry the baggage to the guest quarters. Still full from the previous night’s meal, he barely picked at the sweet buns on the table. Relieved the supper had gone without incident, he’d noted how quiet everyone was. Garlan and Roulan hardly spoke. In fact, the only conversation was between himself, Sabe and Leon. After everyone had eaten their fill and a few bottles of wine were consumed, they’d been ready to retire. As his guests apologized for their early retirement and left to find their beds, Kai had assured them it was no issue.

Hearing footsteps enter the room, Kai turned. Greeted by Kiera, he smiled and pulled out the chair next to him for her to sit. He’d promised Sabe he’d speak to her and, while he wished he didn’t have to do it, he knew it was for the best. He’d be lying if he said he’d not thought about Kiera naked and in his bed many times. Out of respect for his friend Sabe, however, he’d never indulged his desires. If she’d been bold enough to throw herself at him, he might have struggled to resist. Kiera had many admirers. Kai had often seen her fight them off, occasionally wounding them, and he thought it best to put her out of his mind. It didn’t stop him gazing at her though, or thinking about her.

As Kiera leaned back in the chair, she rolled her head to the side and looked at Kai’s worried face. Hoping he was having second thoughts, she gave him a seductive smile.

“You don’t look very happy. Are you worried about something?” Kiera tossed the hair from her face.

“I always look like this.” He arched a brow and grinned. Wiping the palm of his hand over his unshaven chin, he took a deep breath. “Would you do something for me?”

Kiera’s skin flushed as she thought about what she’d like to do for Kai. His intense stare, as he rested his face on his closed hand, brought sinful images into her mind.

“You know you can ask anything of me,” she said brightly.

Shuffling in his seat, Kai smiled tentatively. His hands clutched together and he slid them between his thighs while his shoulders tensed. The boyish expression he carried aroused Kiera’s suspicious mind.

“I want you to help Eloise and Nissa. I mean, show them around, and make sure they have everything they need.”

He sucked in his upper lip. He knew this wouldn’t go down well, especially given what was coming next.

“You and Sabe are like family; you’re almost my sister…” Kai stressed the word ‘sister.’ From the look on Kiera’s face, it was working. He continued, “So I thought you and Eloise would be friends, and you’d take care of her.”

The silence was unnerving, and Kai watched Kiera’s face as it turned red. He braced for a slap.

Kiera couldn’t decide if she was angry or sad. She’d not expected Kai to refer to her as his ‘sister,’ and as soon as he’d said it, she knew she’d never be anything else to him. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed harder. Teary eyes started to fill, but she held them back. After lowering her head and wiping the back of her hand under her nose, she sniffed.

“Yes, I can do that.” Holding back the tears was becoming increasingly difficult, and she started to tremble.

Closing his eyes slowly, Kai drew in a deep breath. He’d never do anything to hurt Kiera. Despite her tantrums and snippety manner on occasions, he enjoyed her company. Kiera and Sabe drove him crazy when they bickered, but he cared about them. Deeply.

He Reached for her hand and held it as he thought about what to say.

“You’re beautiful, Kiera. Please don’t hate me. If you weren’t Sabe’s sister, and if we’d met in a different situation, I think we would have been more than friends.”

She lost control and tears flowed down her cheeks. Wiping her face with her free hand, she took deep breaths and wished she were somewhere else. Kai was deemed heartless and cruel by many, but those people didn’t know him. He was sincere and honest. No one would believe he was capable of speaking softly, or being gentle, but she knew. Just like she knew he needed affection, needed someone to love him and heal the pain in his heart. She wanted that someone to be herself.

Feeling Kai’s breath against her ear, she leaned toward him.

His words were a soft, husky whisper. “Please don’t hate me for marrying someone else.”

When Kiera woke up that morning, she could never have imagined this scene. Her heart was ready to burst. From the first day she and her brother met Kai, she’d wanted him. In four years, she’d never looked at another man the way she looked at Kai. He was always in her mind, and she’d always hoped one day they’d be together. The realization that it would never happen was suddenly hitting her hard.

Kai felt Kiera’s body tremble as she leaned against him. Pulling his hand free from hers and sliding off his chair, he knelt by her side. Strong arms pulled her close. Twisting the top half of her body to his, she surrendered to his comforting hold. She wept uncontrollably and thought she’d never stop. Kiera rarely broke down in front of anyone, but today was an exception.

“I could never hate you,” she managed between sobs and sniffs.

Kai kissed the side of her head. “Thank you.”

Pulling her arms from between their bodies, she looped them around Kai’s shoulders. She buried her face in the crook of his neck, inhaled deeply, and let her slender fingers play with his soft hair. The gold beads on his braids jingled against each other, making her smile.

Hoping the rest of the day was going to be less stressful, Kai groaned and squeezed Kiera tightly, making her squeal. Slackening his arms, he gently pushed her away and smoothed a lock of hair from around her face.

Kiera wiped her damp eyes and runny nose with her sleeve, then apologized. “Sorry for crying.”

“You’re forgiven..this time.” He scowled under hooded lids with a grin.

“Don’t tell my brother, will you?”

“Not… a… word.”

They laughed, and Kai gave her a final hug before getting up off the floor. Daring to ask for another favor, he gave her sad eyes.

“Don’t suppose you’d check on Eloise and Nissa, would you?” He stared at her with a sad puppy dog expression, then grinned. “And I need you to organize the wedding and find Eloise something to wear.”

Seeing Kiera’s mouth gape at his cheek, he knew he was pushing it, but Eloise and Nissa didn’t know their way around, and it would be better if Kiera helped.

Receiving a slap on his arm, followed by a cheeky smile, he knew he was winning her over.

“It’s going to cost you; you know that, don’t you?”

Kiera rested her hands on her hips. She tossed her hair from her face and glared. “I think a new set of fighting knives would be a fair price.”

“What? That’s robbery!”

“I’m expensive, take it or leave it.” Smirking, she shrugged her shoulders.

An outstretched hand greeted her.


Giggling and feeling happier, despite the letdown, Kiera moved toward the door and almost bumped into Sabe. Avoiding his gaze, she left without speaking.

Wandering toward Kai, Sabe leaned close to his ear.

“That was perfectly done, my friend.”

Kai scowled at the realization that Sabe had been in the hallway the whole time. He head-butted his friend. It wasn’t hard, but it was enough to let Sabe know he was in trouble.

“I’m lucky I still have my balls between my legs and not wearing them round my neck,” Kai growled. Brushing both hands up and down his face, he blew out a sigh.

“I think you’re the only man she’d never castrate.” Sabe chuckled. “Thanks, friend. You really did say all the right words.”

It was hard for Kai to express any emotion, other than anger. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it, he just felt awkward, even though Sabe’s praise made him happier.

Changing the subject and wondering if his guests were content, he questioned his friend.

“I saw you unloading the carriages earlier. Is everyone happy this morning?”

“Oh yes, the ladies were especially pleased.” Sabe grinned and wiggled his brows, making Kai frown at him. He wondered what made Sabe grin so wickedly.

“What did you do?”


Kai’s brow arched. “Your smug face doesn’t seem to agree with your words.”

“I think sweet Nissa is warming to me nicely.” He touched his fingers to his cheek and chortled.

Kai rolled his eyes. “Better not let Roulan know.” Slapping Sabe’s arm, he moved into the hall.

Confused and chasing him, Sabe questioned, “Why? Have I missed something?”

“Are you telling me you haven’t seen the way he looks at her?” He shook his head in disbelief. Sabe was usually the one pointing these things out to him; he must be either losing his touch or just blinded by her beauty.

“I can’t say I have. But she hates him; he treats her like a dog.” Remembering he’d forgotten to tell Kai about Roulan’s early start, he tugged at his arm to make him stop.

“You’ve just reminded me about something. Roulan rode out this morning with four of his father’s guards.”

Suddenly stopping, Kai turned and glared. “What? Where did he go?”

“No idea.” Sabe shrugged. “Did you notice he and his father barely spoke at supper?”

“Yes. I just thought everyone was tired.”

Kai stepped toward the window in the hall and leaned against the sill. He wondered where Roulan had gone as he stared intently out into the courtyard

“Let me know when he gets back.”

Sabe nodded. “I could ask Leon if he knows anything.”

“Do you think Roulan would have told him?

“Don’t know, but it won’t hurt to ask. Let’s go find out shall we?”

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Goodreads reviews for Demon Within

You cheer the good and find yourself smiling as bonds are formed that …

The story of Kai and Eloise held my attention from the first page. It begins with a prologue, and as the story progresses, it weaves its way throughout, serving as a thread to connect the characters.


The characters in this book are completely relate able and ‘real’. The author has really fleshed out their personalities to the point you feel as though you could be there and talking to them all as if you’ve known them for years (bring the wine!). There are many twists and turns that the reader doesn’t see coming – at all – with the characters, and this story has something for everyone: angels, demons, paranormal happenings, steamy scenes, and how deep love and desire occur within the realms of another world that reminds me of a setting like The Outlander. It’s a book I didn’t want to end and I’m so glad the author had decided to make Demon Within into a series! I’ve currently started reading the second installment, Angel Within, and it looks promising as being as good, if not even better, than the first.

This is also a fun read because it’s simply just so different and the characters are people you won’t forget easily.

Highly recommended! Get this one and move on to Angel Within.…and all the rest Ms. Nicholls decides to add along the way! I’m in!

Blown away and pleasantly surprised!

I am so excited I found another FABULOUS author, Julie Nicholls. Her first book, Demon Within blew me away. Scorching hot hero, a heroine that possesses a backbone and fantastic secondary characters that make her book an engaging, fun and fast paced read. Another plus, the second book, Angel Within is available for pre-order! Julie Nicholls is one of my FAVORITE new authors.

Love this story!

This is a wonderful story filled with mystery, lies, secrets, supernatural elements, romance, and steamy love scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, character building, world building, and the mythology of that world. It really is a great story, and if life didn’t get in the way, I would have finished it much faster. As it is, though, life does get in the way, and it took me 3 days to finish it.

Demons Within is Julie Nicholls debut novel but it reads like she’s been writing for many many years. Wonderful rich characters set in a fantastic backdrop from the past, Julie draws the reader into a story of betrayal, loyalty, redemption and love. Recommended! 5 stars!!
The cover for Demon Within was digitally painted by me. You can check out my page on this site, to see other book covers by me.