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I’m proud to reveal my latest cover the first book in a new trilogy. The first book is titled, Blood Ties. 


It’s going to be available Monday, 4th January, 2016 on all platforms.

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Blood Ties is a paranormal/shifter/romance story.

Meet K 3 4 G E N – He’s not quite human.

Sweat ran down Keagen’s muscular back as he pressed the female against the wall. His rock-hard body, with perfect proportions and stamina that would outlast a stable of thoroughbred racehorses, was nowhere near to flagging. He’d pounded the woman for the last hour, nonstop. The female on the receiving end of his attention cried herself hoarse more than twenty minutes earlier. She needed to rest, but large hands cupped her ass, supporting her weight, and only when he’d had enough would he let her down.

With the air-con turned up high the smell of fresh sweat and sex hung in the air. Keagen loved to fuck; he had some catching up to do after his sex-starved existence for the first part of his adult life. Puffing out a few quick breaths, he built up his pace. He was ready for a beer and wanted the woman out of his room.

Keagen was tall, muscular, and stronger than most men were, although he wasn’t exactly a man. His genes were human DNA with a hint of animal, courtesy of Solgen Laboratories. It wasn’t common knowledge what the company did, and their labs were all in secret locations. Only their financial backers knew where they were. Who supported them was unclear. Possibly the government, private military organizations, or even wealthy dictators; no one knew. You would not find any documentation about it. It wasn’t legal what they were doing, that’s for sure.

Keagen tracked and hunted escapees and always caught his prey, but just one eluded him, and it pissed him off. Nevertheless, he was closing in, and soon he’d return to base with his prize in tow. Given free reign to come and go as he pleased, Keagen enjoyed the freedom, and as long as he brought in the bounty, all was well. Sometimes out in the field for days or weeks at a time, he upheld contact by phone; a check-in, but he wasn’t worried. Sometimes he needed ‘Keagen’ time. Holed up at his secret hideaway, or a motel, where a steady stream of females frequented his room, he could easily fob off his supervisor. The geneticists made the mistake of giving him just a little too much intelligence. Consequently, his IQ already rivaled some of the top minds in the world, and he was smart enough to hide that fact from his testers.

Grunting and hissing through gritted teeth, Keagen screamed his orgasm as he fucked the flagging woman; those last deep thrusts into her satisfied pussy filling the room with a guttural cry. Throwing his head back, his wet hair slapped against his shoulders. The muscles in his thighs held the female firmly against the wall for a few moments until his hips finally stilled and finished jerking. Catching his breath, he rested his head against the cool plaster before releasing the sighing woman. As she tried to stand her knees buckled, but he quickly scooped her up and laid her on the bed.

Meet Gabriel – Lycan

It was quiet in the smoke-filled bar. Just the gentle humming from the waitress broke the silence. Drew’s was a rundown place where the locals piled in after work. Mostly hanging out for just a few drinks to wind down before heading home, they used it as a stopgap, preparing for more stress from either home life, or a second job. There were the regulars who propped up the bar day and night. Jack, one of the old-timers, spent all his time drooling over the young women as they tended bar. Occasional delivery trucks would hole up in the parking lot and the drivers would drop in for coffee, just to keep from falling asleep on long hauls. Smokey and dark, subdued lighting with wood paneling covering the walls and an unvarnished wooden floor, it was a place to relax and ponder.

Gabriel was a regular and sat at the end of the bar in his usual place. From his vantage point, he could view the entire room. He didn’t have children or work to unwind from, but still enjoyed a cool beer. Without turning his head, the washroom and entrance were all visible. He could see everyone come and go with ease. Sitting quietly, he’d listen. Unless someone started the conversation first, he’d barely speak, but take in everything.

The quiet town appealed to Gabriel. Moving here just over a year ago, he settled in easily and found a place to stay. After renovating a cabin just on the edge of town, it gave him the seclusion he desired. He could take a short drive into suburbia and have everything he needed before returning to the solace he preferred. He kept to himself and avoided confrontations. Causing trouble wasn’t in his nature. However, he came over as someone who didn’t take crap, and he would let small annoyances slide until he reached a breaking point, then you didn’t want to be around to see the fall out. On a few occasions, Gabriel let people know he wasn’t someone they should fuck with, earning him respect shortly afterward. In sleepy town bars, there’s always someone dropping by to stir up the calm. Stepping in to deal with troublemakers made him the resident bouncer. There was never any exchange of cash; he didn’t need a regular job. He just did it. Drew made sure he never went thirsty and all drinks were on the house for keeping the place brawl-free, which suited Gabriel. The more beer, the better, and he didn’t like having his peace and quiet disturbed; it was a win-win situation.

Watching Lyssa brought out his more human characteristics; he’d not always had those. A year ago, he was nothing more than a caged animal. He tried not to think about the past, but occasionally something would trigger his thoughts.

Taking a mouthful of beer, he watched everyone and everything. Casually watching Jack eye up the sweet piece of ass, he grinned. He’d been close, and was still working on getting closer. Never short of female attention, Gabriel made up for lost time as soon as he broke free from his captors. There wasn’t a huge choice of pussy in Dewburn Falls, but quality, not quantity was the issue here. Lyssa would succumb to him, eventually. Women couldn’t resist him. He was astounded she’d lasted this long; he had a feeling she’d be worth the wait. Continuing his advances and hoping for a victory soon, Lyssa proved an interesting challenge.

He wasn’t sure if it was luck, or fate, that brought him here, but finding two female lycans was a surprise. Taking a drink, he smiled as his thoughts turned to Sally. He’d been in town only two weeks and gotten lucky with her.

One down…

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Artwork by yours truly.

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Morning Peeps!

I’m currently working on the first book in a new trilogy, Blood Ties. This is a paranormal/shifter romance and I expect to release this book early January. My editor has returned the document and I’m currently re-writing and editing, but I can let you have a sneaky peek.
keagen gabriel banner1“Do I get to learn the name of my killer before I die?” Keagen said.

The female sidestepped slowly and concentrated her eyes on Keagen’s folded arms. “I don’t see that it matters. It’s not going to serve any purpose.”

“Aw, come on! Don’t I have the right to know the name of the woman I’m gonna kill?”

Keagen unfolded his arms and, without blinking, started firing in the direction of the female.

As if sensing his actions, she spun and sidestepped, dodging Keagen’s torrent of bullets. Her next move was furiously fast and Keagen didn’t see her kick until he felt the sting of her boot as it connected with his face. It knocked him off balance, and he hissed as he lost both Glocks, but recovered in time to catch her foot when it swung toward him once more. He twisted her leg sharply and she grunted. Responding lightning fast, she jumped in the air and kicked him hard in the chest with her other leg, causing him to release her foot. Lying on his back, he quickly rolled over, heading toward the guard and dragged him forward with such force that he lost his weapon. Keagen snatched it quickly off the floor and while attempting to scramble to his feet, shot at his enemy, although without success of causing harm. The guard cracked his head on the corner of the desk and lay unconscious, which at least evened the odds, although, not by much. The chick was even faster than he was, and he had to congratulate the geneticists, despite cursing them in the same breath.

Charging toward his target, he slammed her against the wall. Usually he’d be pounding a pussy while in this position, but not this day. He was fighting for his life and wasn’t sure he was going to win. This new version was way faster and stronger than he expected and he had no idea how he was going to stop her.

With his arms wrapped around her body, Keagen tried to drag her to the floor, but he cried out in pain as her head connected with his. The force was immense. With blurred vision, he struggled to stand. His hold was slipping and as he started to fall, he could hear only a wicked cackle ringing in his ears.

Landing on the floor with a THUD, he shook his head to try to bring himself around, but he was struggling. Aware of a noise, but unsure what it was, his head turned toward the direction. Everything was fuzzy, but he could just make out Gabriel as he crashed through the window.

Glass flew in all directions as he almost fell into the room at speed. Without hesitation, he shifted. Honing in on the female against the wall, who was now beckoning him toward her wearing a wide grin, he obliged her request and charged. His growl echoed around the room as he roared. Clawed hands sliced at the female as she ducked and dodged his attempts to cause harm. It seemed she was invincible. This was the future of Solgen Laboratories.

Gabriel staggered back when the chick punched him hard across the jaw. It didn’t matter that she cut her skin on sharp teeth; she merely smirked as she noticed the red blood against her pale skin. As if the party was flagging and she grew bored of the guests, the female drew two curved daggers from behind her back and lunged at Gabriel. Her intention to finish him was painfully obvious when Gabriel howled as a blade sliced across his right arm.

In the meantime, Keagen took the advantage while their foe concentrated her attention on Gabriel and kicked her feet away, sending her on her ass. Within seconds, both Keagen and Gabriel were on her. Punches flew while claws slashed, but not for long. A howl like a banshee ripped through the room. Springing from the floor, sending both men sprawling into the walls, the female dived through the broken window.

Both Keagen and Gabriel remained in their locations. Breathing heavily and still struggling to come to their senses from their injuries, it took a few minutes before Gabriel managed to get to his feet. Shifting to human form and aiding Keagen, he pulled him to sit in a chair while he checked his arm. The wound would heal quickly, the benefits of being a lycan, but it still hurt nonetheless.

“What the fuck was that?” Keagen sat, dazed and confused. Unable to shake the blurred vision or humming in his head, he pressed his hands to his forehead in despair.

“Come on, we need to get the fuck out of here before the cops turn up.”