Mistral Dawn wins Romance Reviews Readers Award

Exciting news!

Mistral Dawn, that awesome lady who writes the sexy Fae stories has won an award.

The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards Summer 2016

First place goes to Captivated by the Winter King – Spellbound Heart Series

In case you haven’t read this book, here’s a sneaky peek.

Kate opened her eyes, confused about where she was.  Looking around, she saw the remnants of a fire glowing in the fireplace and a large expanse of well-muscled chest.  Raising her eyes, she saw Ankou’s face still relaxed in sleep and the memories of the night before came back to herjulienicholls.com.

They had started her recitation of her history on opposite ends of the sofa, but when she told him about the first time Erik beat her she hadn’t been able to control her tears.  Ankou had moved closer to comfort her, and it had felt so good she hadn’t moved away.  Somehow, the horror of the past few years seemed more distant when she was in his arms.  She didn’t remember falling asleep, but it seemed they both had.

Thinking about that, Kate realized she wasn’t upset about it.  It was nice to wake up next to someone and not be afraid.  And she wasn’t.  It took her a moment’s reflection, but she determined that she felt relaxed and content.  The absence of fear in another person’s presence was a heady sensation, and it made her feel bold.

For a long time, she had craved a connection with another person.  She had always wanted to be close to someone who would stand by her and love her for who she was.  Such a relationship had eluded her for her entire life, but she still yearned for it with a desperation that often left her breathless.  Her doubts lingered, but she hoped that Ankou might be that person for her.  He claimed they were soulmates.  Did a deeper understanding of another person exist?  Maybe, finally, she had found someone she could trust.

Ankou’s full lips were just out of her reach, but by stretching just a little bit she could meet them with her own.  Did she want to?  Did she have the courage?  Her desire for touch and affection burned within her, and she decided the answer to both questions was yes.  Reaching up, she grazed his mouth with her lips and inhaled his scent.  He smelled sweet and spicy at the same time.

Feeling warm and relaxed, Ankou came awake to find his Anamchara’s mouth hovering over his own.  He waited to see what she would do, not wanting to rush her to do more than she was ready for.  When her eyes met his, he saw the question in them and silently gave her consent to proceed if she wished; leaving the decision in her hands.  The moment she made up her mind, her lips met his in a gentle caress and he groaned his approval.

The teasing brushes of her mouth against his caused his body to react, and he was aware of every point of contact between them with painful acuity.  The feel of her lying against him, her body melting into his, made him want to tear the clothes from her and explore every inch of her delectable form with his tongue.  But he knew he couldn’t do that.  If anything had been made clear during Kate’s description of her relationship with the odious human male who had tried to claim her, it was that this woman needed to know her needs would be considered and her limits respected.  A precipitous coupling would not give her that reassurance.  So he would be patient and proceed at her pace.

The gentle butterfly kisses she gave him progressed to soft nips and firmer contact between their mouths.  After some hesitation, she eased her tongue between his lips and he met it with his own.  As their kissing deepened, she began to run her hands experimentally over his body.  He mirrored her actions; careful only to follow where she led.  In time, his patience was rewarded as she moaned in satisfaction and shifted so that the contact between their bodies increased.

Changing the angle at which his thigh lay, he pressed it between her legs and was delighted when she rubbed herself against it.  She slid her hands under his tunic, and he shivered as her slender fingers teased his nipples.  Moving so as to be able to raise his shirt higher, she was thwarted when it caught under his body.  Ankou moaned in ecstasy and shifted in an effort to make it easier for her to remove his clothing.

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