Exciting New Series from Debbie Cassidy

I’m really pleased to be able to post this first cover in Debbie Cassidy’s up-coming series, Fearless Destiny. I’ve created all three covers, but for now I’m only able to show the first.

Debbie Cassidy
Created by Julie Nicholls


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New Pre-made Book cover up for grabs

Hey Peeps

I’ve been working on a new piece which I absolutely love and I hope you will too. I’ve named it ‘Siren’. The price is $45. If you want a full wrap around cover to go with it, that will be an additional $25


Pre made book cover by Julie Nicholls

You can see more of my book covers on the link to this site


Cover & Book Release – The Devil Hath The Power

I ‘ve worked with author Bill Hiate on a previous project for one of hidevilsmls books, and because he was pleased with the way I work, and the quality of my work, he gave me more work. *grins wide*

We worked together to get this cover looking fabulous, and initially he told me this was to be a Halloween short, but he felt inspired to write because of the cover and has now made this into a series! Wicked!!

So here’s the cover…I personally love it, but I’m biased! *snort* and I’ve attached the purchase link in case you fancy a read.

Chris thinks the website that asks him if he wants to sell his soul has to be joke. There is a thirty-day free trial option, so just for laughs he accepts the deal and sells his soul to have a beautiful girlfriend. He keeps right on laughing–until the next day, when a heart-stoppingly amazing girl comes into his life.

In denial at first, Chris finally has to accept that he really has sold his soul. He still has time to cancel under this thirty-day trial, but there’s just one problem: he’s fallen in love


Pre made book covers

Hey peeps,

I’ve created this ebook cover and named it “Streetwise” – It could streetwisefb-watermarkedbe used for Urban Fantasy, Chick lit, Young adult, take your pick!

This piece is going for $50 – If you need a paperback, that will be $75.

All covers are created using purchased stock images and all fonts are either free to use commercially or purchased.



Pre Made Fantasy Cover

Hey peeps!

I confess I’ve not had time to make any pre made covers recently, but

while  I was waiting for my internet to return to full speed, I thought I’d chill out with photoshop and do some creations.julienicholls.com

I only managed one! This is a fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult…anything really…I personally love the colors…I’m into blue at this moment. You can purchase this beauty for just $35

NEW Cover – Newland Moon’s up coming release

Rites of Heirdron cover by JMN ART

A few days ago I posted a cover reveal for author Newland Moon. We’ve had a revamp already, because there were some changes she needed to make to the novel….and so here is the revised edition.

I also made her a Facebook banner and a few promo’s

All of my services are listed on my Facebook page and if you ‘like’ that page, you’ll be able to find out when I’m having a give away or a special offer.

In a few weeks I’ll be holding a raffle and you could win a social media banner created and designed especially for you! So make sure you “LIKE” the facebook page.

JMN ART julienicholls.com



Book Covers at Affordable Prices



This JMN ARTpre made cover is all yours at a great price – Title and author name to be added and if required, small changes will be made included in the price. This price is for the ebook only. At $35 (25GBP) you’re getting a bargain!

If you want to have a look at some of my other covers…check out the link to this page on this site..Covers by Julie Nicholls

An additional fee of $25 dollars is added if a paperback/wrap is required.

Cover Reveal for Newland Moon

Wooohooo! I’ve been itching to post this cover I’ve made for new author Newland Moon.

I love the colors and one of the big challenges was to change the hotties hair from black to white, but I’m really pleased with hot he turned out.rites of heirdron fb size

If you’re an author on a budget and are looking for a high quality low cost cover, then have a look at my other covers that I’ve made. I am easy to work with and will get your book noticed from the many millions!

Book covers by Julie Nicholls