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High quality book covers by Julie Nicholls

I make all genres: urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy romance, romance, dark fantasy, historical romance, contemporary, thriller, and childrens books.

How does it work?

If you’re not sure about what you want, we’ll work together to get the best cover for your novel. If you HAVE an idea, we’ll discuss at length to ensure we get the image that’s in your head transferred onto the cover. I’ll search through the stock site to find the most suitable images and we’ll discuss various concepts until we hit on the right one.


From 1st July 2016 the price for my services will increase. As of today, 18th June, 2016, there will now be a consultation fee before I discuss any ideas for a cover. The price increase is effective to all customers and only those who have ALREADY PAID for their eBook and have a standing agreement for the paperback for that book, will remain at the old price.


Consultation Fee: $30

There are an increasing number of people messaging me asking for advice or just picking my brains in order to make/design their own book covers. This service is now chargeable. This fee is ONLY chargeable to people who do not pay for a book cover. If a new client is making enquiries with the promise of work, this fee will be charged IF the client does not wish to pay for the full book cover at the start of the consultation because they are unsure of what they want. The value will be deducted from the payment of the book cover, once an agreement is made for me to commence work. The payment is NOT refundable for clients who choose not use my services.

eBook cover – no stock images


There is no price increase for an eBook cover if you have your own stock account and are using your own images. Sometimes a client may not want to use a stock image and want typography and effects only. Images must be 300dpi and be large. The price includes the consultation and discussion but is payable BEFORE any discussion regarding the cover if you are a new client.

eBook cover – using 2 stock images


This price includes two stock images, consultation, moderate painting, and 3 edits. The result will provide a full size 300 dpi cover for upload to book sellers.

Paperback/wrap around book cover

$95 ($25 if I’ve already made your eBook)

This price is for a full wrap book cover which includes a front cover, spine, and back. It is designed with exact measurements and only AFTER you have a page count for Createspace or whichever site you’re using. The image is a HQ pdf as per Createspace requirements and will be sent via Dropbox.

If you have already paid for an eBook, then the additional price of $25 is added to the eBook fee.

Ready made covers (price shown on individual designs)

Occasionally I will make a ready made cover. This will be a ‘one-off’ and if purchased, your author name and book title will be substituted for what is shown. The price will be shown when the image is posted and this price will be for an eBook only. If a paperback cover is required the additional fee will be $25.

Banners & Promo


Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and website banners. Made to suit your requirements with either a quote from a book, tag line, author name, book title – cover etc.

Animated Gif


This can be a banner size or a promo size and is ideal for promotional purposes. With changing typography, you can have up to 5 changes. Show a price/sale price/ snippet/tag line. Also you may have 2 image changes. You will be sent the gif via Dropbox where you can upload to a hosting site of your choice or upload to your own website.

Each cover or piece of work I produce is important as my name will be associated with that piece. I take pride in my work and will give 100% effort to ensure the client and myself, are happy with the finished product.



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